Ads and dating

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ads and dating

Will it have ads? Plus other stuff you need to know about Facebook's new push into online dating. The social network says it's going to start testing Dating later this year, and that it's not going to use information from the feature to target ads. Online dating services looking to advertise on Facebook must adhere to a set of standards outlined in the company's advertising policies. Here.

If you are comfortable with the content and design of the site, you can add it to the list of sites to contact for additional information.

ads and dating

Find the advertising information. Look near the top and bottom of the main page of the site. There may be a link to advertising information. If not, try the About or Contact Us pages to find out who to contact. If rates and demographic information aren't provided on the site, you will need to email someone to request a rate sheet.

ads and dating

This will tell you how much it will cost to advertise and what types of advertising are available banner ads, text ads, contextual ads, etc Once you've received a rate sheet and demographic information, you should compare them to other sites on your short list.

Unless you have unlimited funds, you will probably want to target your advertising to just a few websites to begin.

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The demographics should break down the audience into sex, age, income and other identifiers. You will also want to pick websites that receive the most views and visitors compared to others.

ads and dating

Design an ad and sign the contract. Once you've found a rate for a website that fits your needs, contact the advertising sales person.

ads and dating

And when it's time to start advertising we want to focus on those emotions. People buy based on emotions and they justify it with logic. Don't say things like, "Are you single?

This is the quickest way to become persona non grata in Facebook's eyes. Find things that would relate to someone who is looking for a date or looking for a partner without flat out saying it. There are plenty of other things that have been proven to get men or women to click. What's your next best bet?

The Top Online Dating Sites in Paid Search Advertising

Go back to knowing your audience. Who do they follow?

ads and dating

Look into those influencers your audience trusts. Reach out to those people and negotiate a deal. Alright, so we've reached the last possible option.

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Find another channel to advertise on. You know everything about your audience now right? So where do they spend their time online? What channels do they spend a lot of time on?

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Is it Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, some random blog somewhere? These are important facts to know and understand. Find these locations and either look into their advertising platforms OR reach out to the site owners.

Like influencers, the majority of sites have real estate prepared for advertising. If you can, find a media kit located on their site. If not, run their site through SEMrush. Then negotiate a decent rate.