Are lene and rene dating

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are lene and rene dating

Aqua comprise (from far left) Lene Nystrom, Rene Dif, Soren Rasted "You have to be a little more up to date of course, but it's still going to be. The relationship between Lene and Søren Rasted is rumored to be one of the reasons Aqua disbanded in Originally Lene was dating René Dif. Then she . Lead singer Lene Nystrøm ("Barbie") allegedly hooked up briefly with bandmate René Dif ("Ken"), then she cheated on him with their bandmate, Søren Rasted.

Identifying factors include generally short to medium-length songs written in a format, as well as the common use of repeated choruses, melodic tunes. David Hatch and Stephen Millward define pop music as a body of music which is distinguishable from popular, jazz, according to Pete Seeger, pop music is professional music which draws upon both folk music and fine arts music. Although pop music is seen as just the singles charts, it is not the sum of all chart music, the music charts contain songs from a variety of sources, including classical, jazz, rock, and novelty songs.

Pop music, as a genre, is seen as existing and developing separately, pop music continuously evolves along with the terms definition. The term pop song was first recorded as being used inHatch and Millward indicate that many events in the history of recording in the s can be seen as the birth of the modern pop music industry, including in country, blues and hillbilly music.

The Oxford Dictionary of Music states that while pops earlier meaning meant concerts appealing to a wide audience. Since the late s, however, pop has had the meaning of non-classical mus, usually in the form of songs, performed by such artists as the Beatles. Grove Music Online also states that, in the early s pop music competed terminologically with beat music, while in the USA its coverage overlapped with that of rock and roll.

From aboutthe term was used in opposition to the term rock music. Whereas rock aspired to authenticity and an expansion of the possibilities of music, pop was more commercial, ephemeral.

It is not driven by any significant ambition except profit and commercial reward, and, in musical terms, it is essentially conservative.

What the Hell Happened to Aqua?

It is, provided from on high rather than being made from below, pop is not a do-it-yourself music but is professionally produced and packaged. The beat and the melodies tend to be simple, with limited harmonic accompaniment, the lyrics of modern pop songs typically focus on simple themes — often love and romantic relationships — although there are notable exceptions 6.

are lene and rene dating

It was released as the single from the Aquarium album overall. It was the release from the album in the UK, where it peaked at number 6.

are lene and rene dating

The video for the featured the four members of the group on a pirate ship, with Lene being captured by the other members before turning the tables around. They then go on to discover treasure, the video was one of five Aqua videos directed by Peder Pedersen. Aqua band — Aqua is a Danish eurodance group, best known for their breakthrough single Barbie Girl. The group formed in and achieved success around the globe in the late s. The group released three albums, Aquarium inAquarius in and Megalomania inthe group sold an estimated 33 million albums and singles, making them the most profitable Danish band ever.

In their prime, Aquas singles managed to top ten in a number of countries where European pop acts would not normally succeed, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia. The group managed to top the UK Singles Chart with three of their singles, the group also caused controversy with the double entendres in their Barbie Girl single, with the Barbie doll makers Mattel filing a lawsuit against the group.

The lawsuit was dismissed by a judge inwho ruled The parties are advised to chill. At a press event on 26 Octoberthe group announced a reunion tour and their third album, Megalomania, was released on 3 October The recording of the began in After getting along well, the trio decided that they would work again on a future project. A small Swedish record label signed them inand their very first single Itzy Bitzy Spider was released in Sweden, the single failed to become popular, and after one week at the lower end of the Swedish charts, it disappeared completely.

The four were disappointed and canceled their contract with the record label, with a new manager and no record deal, the group started over, and began to develop their famous bubblegum pop sound. The four began to produce and write melodic, catchy European pop songs and they renamed themselves Aqua, choosing the name seen on a poster for an aquarium in their dressing room, and eventually accepted Universal Music Denmarks offer of a recording contract in 8.

The song, which was released inis universal love. The song was published the day as their other single, Like a Robot. Despite the songs positive critical reaction, it charted in Denmark. The song is about love and what goes around comes around.

The sounds in the first seconds of the song are recorded on the spacecraft Discovery, a piano and violins start the song, before the beat kicks in. A Vocoder synth comes through Nystroms vocal in certain parts of the song, difs bridge only appears on the album version. It was released as the second single and as a radio single on 12 September, the same day as their club single Like a Robot. Playmate to Jesus is the first track of their third album Megalomania, the track was Aquas second-lowest charting single.

It debuted at number twenty-six on the Danish Singles Chart, issue dated 7 Octoberthe following week the song peaked at number thirteen. In its third and final week on the chart it fell to number thirty-three and it is the groups third single not to chart within the top 10 in Denmark, the others being We Belong to the Sea and Spin Me a Christmas.

The song has been certified gold in Denmark by the IFPI for sales ofunits, despite the songs commercial performance, critical reactions to the song were mixed to positive.

Idolator considered the song to be a knock-off of Far East Movements Like a G6, pictures of shooting the music video in Lyngby, Denmark were released on Aquas Facebook page on 14 September A take of the video was uploaded on their YouTube channel 9.

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The song is based on an old song for kids called Itsy Bitsy Spider, released inthe single was a minor hit in Sweden, charting for one week.

The song was released in Denmark and Germany, although it failed to chart. The single is now a collectors item with less than one thousand copies in existence. The group entered the industry at a time when hip hop music was believed to be a fad.

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Many early hip hop artists recorded for independent labels, originally calling themselves Super Nature, James and Denton debuted in with the single The Showstopper, an answer record to Doug E. Freshs hit single The Show. The Showstopper was produced by Hurby Azor, the song utilized a melody from the film Revenge of the Nerds. Salt-N-Pepa made their impact on hip-hop by being one of the first all-female rap groups, with lots of concerns about sexist lyrics and video clips that objectified womens bodies in hip hop music, many feminists disliked rap and hip-hop music because of its bad portrayal of women.

However, Salt-N-Pepa changed the look of hip hop and they were scantily clad in sexy clothing and were not afraid to talk about sex and their thoughts about men. Their song Lets Talk About Sex was a huge hit, with the success of Showstopper, the groups name was changed to Salt-N-Pepa and they signed to the independent Next Plateau Records to record a full-length album. Years later, the women would have issues with Azor as they accused him of paying unfair royalties. Push It became a single in the United States, and a hit in several other countries.

The album ultimately sold 1.

are lene and rene dating

The album sold aboutcopies worldwide with roughlyof those in the US, the groups third album Blacks Magic was released in Marchand was a personal album for the trio on many fronts. Pepa would become the first group member to become pregnant, Azor would produce some songs on the album. As he was producing other acts, he agreed to let the work with different producers to finish the album It was released in May as their third overall.

The song topped the worldwide, particularly in European countries such as the UK. It is Aquas most popular work, the song became the subject of the controversial lawsuit Mattel v. As such, the lyrics drew the ire of Barbies corporate owners, and it is a melody consisting of baroque chords mixed with dance rhythm.

Princess Diana died in a car accident. And Aqua released "Barbie Girl. The bubblegum pop song was one of the stickiest earworms ever written, and it came at the perfect time. Seventies kitsch was in full swing as '90s novelty: Flower power, lava lamps and smiley faces were at the peak of popularity, and pastel "Barbie Girl" was no exception. Aqua's success came practically overnight, but their immense popularity disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared.

What happened to the band after their hit song faded from the charts was neither plastic nor fantastic. YouTube Aqua in the Supreme Court: One year after Aqua released "Barbie Girl," the doll's manufacturer, notoriously litigious Mattel, took legal action against the band in a lawsuit that would last five long years and go all the way to the Supreme Court.

The lyrics in question: In one of the most awesome decisions ever handed down, Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski wrote"With fame often comes unwanted attention The parties are advised to chill. InAqua released their sophomore album, Aquarius. It was a flop compared to their debut album, Aquarium; Aquarius peaked at No. Its single, " Cartoon Heroes ," failed to chart at all in the U. The album turned out to be more than just a slump, and the band split in