Are mordecai and margaret dating

are mordecai and margaret dating

For one, Margaret left for college just as Mordecai popped the . though props to him for following her out after not great double date) BUT. With Margaret gone, Mordecai becomes closer to another girl named CJ, whom he had previously met on a blind date, but things had gone south after Mordecai . With Margaret gone, Mordecai becomes closer to another girl named CJ; they had previously met on a blind date, but things had gone south after Mordecai.

Though it is violent so T rating to be safe sorry if not as good as original. Mordecai Regular Show dating. Get some sleep you guys.

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Rigby had already went inside. I realize Margaret wasn't the most exciting character on RS, but at least she made Mordecai happy. One of them isn't going to kill you! Regular Show Mordecai Dating. When they got back home, it was pretty late. Sometimes the chemistry just seems a bit too perfect for my mordecai and margaret dating fanfiction.

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It's mostly their adventures as children. And don't forget to put up the food, okay? Or not reading, if you don't wanna read buttsex. Why can't he see that I l-love him?

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Reviews are very appreciated so please review. When mordecai walked back outside he had a depressed look on his face and had tears about to start crying and told me that Margaret wanted to talk with me. He sends the gang to space in the final season and in the episode "The Ice Tape", Pops and the gang find out that Maellard is not his real father but Maellard found him as baby and adopted him during an expedition and kept him safe until the time was right for Pops to fulfill his destiny but Maellard tells Pops that no matter what he always thought of him as his real son.

In the series finale, when the park gang returns from space after a three-year absence, Mordecai notices Maellard staring up at the sky, shedding a tear for his son. At the 25th reunion of the Park, the gang erect a statue of him next to statue of Pops, indicating that he had since died. She had been Mordecai's girlfriend with reoccurring anger problems. She first appeared in the episode "Yes Dude Yes", in which Mordecai started dating her after thinking Margaret was engaged.

After learning that Margaret was not getting married, he almost immediately forgets about CJ, leading to an ugly break up at the coffee shop in which she revealed that she can transform into a deadly storm when really angry and assumed this form in three episodes. The following episode, "Dodge This", continues this story days after the kiss with CJ and Mordecai competing against each other in a dodgeball tournament. This leads to awkwardness between the two in the final round of the dodgeball tournament and they are forced to address their issues before the Intergalactic Dodgeball Council.

They later agreed just to be friends. In the Season 5 finale "Real Date", Mordecai saves her life when the founder of Couple Corral McIntyre tries to get them to break up and they officially become a couple. In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", she sees Mordecai and Margaret accidentally kiss, and drives off very upset. In "Sad Sax", Mordecai tries to reconcile with her after receiving advice from "Sad Sax Guy", and they finally get back together. In the episode "th Chopper Flight Party", she screws up and ruins their relationship, and she and Mordecai break up in "Dumped at the Altar".

She has a crush on Rigby, but he initially found her annoying. She first appeared in the episode "Brain Eraser. Rigby thought very highly of her and praised her actions throughout the episode. In the episode "Diary", Rigby admits that he finds Eileen to be attractive when she is not wearing her glasses, but it also reveals that she also can't see without them. In the episode "One Pull Up", Eileen helps Rigby train for his company physical and he shows his gratitude by hugging her and crushing her due to his enlarged physique.

In the episode "Eileen Flat Screen", it is revealed that Eileen and Rigby have been spending more time together. In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", Eileen finally graduates from college at the same time Rigby finally gets his high school diploma. As she is cooking for a graduation party for her and Rigby when the guys press the button that sends them and the park into space, Eileen is stuck with the guys.

Eileen became a main character member in Season 8. It is unknown if she has a job or not, but based on her husband's lazy personality, it is implied that she does. They have shown their ability to fuse together to form a giant, anthropomorphicduck-like creature when they fist-pump simultaneously.

They return in the episode "A Bunch of Full-Grown Geese" to help Mordecai and Rigby rid the park of the evil, titular geese who soon turn into a giant monster. The duo helped the baby ducks upgrade their giant form and succeeded in defeating the geese.

They also appeared in "Exit 9B" where they helped fight the park worker's past villains in their giant form. Before their official debut, an unrelated group of baby ducks are some of the things sent to the moon by Rigby in the episode "The Power". In "Brilliant Century Duck Special", they again help the park gang fight the geese, who are now helping businessmen that are attempting to destroy the park. In the series finale, they help the Park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Quinteland Troy Baker are a group of five infant-like beings for whom Skips must perform a ceremonial dance in order to maintain his immortality. Skips also attended school with them before they granted him his immortality. They also designed and built Skips' Fists of Justice, which allowed him to defeat Klorgbane the Destroyer their evil brother in the episodes "Fists of Justice" and "Skips' Story" and they seem to like cake.

Mordecai and Rigby found out about this and because they accidentally injured Skips, they took over and defeated Klorgbane but not before he killed Archibald, one of the guardianswho vowed to return before he was sent flying away. They also appeared in "Exit 9B", where they help the park workers fight off their past villains. In the episode "Quips", the leader's name is revealed to be Reginald, and in "Skips' Story", the names of the other three guardians are revealed to be Oswald, Boswald, and Griswald.

The Moviethey participate in the fight against Mr. Ross and his timenado. In the final season finale, they help the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming. He works as a valet for the Guardians and also made an appearance in the episode "Cool Bikes" where he served as Mordecai and Rigby's lawyer. In "Gary's Synthesizer" it is revealed that he has an old synthesizer that keeps him alive, but if any cables come unplugged or are tampered with, he will disappear.

He is the king of his home planet Synthos, but left to travel the galaxy and his half-brother David took over. When he found out how strict David is as king of Synthos, he battled him in a music battle and won.

David was destroyed in the sun and his disk was smash by two Synthos people Robert and Keith who were nearly executed by David.

Then Gary declared that from now on Synthos will have no ruler. In the final season finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Death[ edit ] Death voiced by Julian Holloway in a cockney accent is a 6'5" grim reaper who, in several of his appearances, makes bets with park workers and declares that he would take their souls if they lose.

are mordecai and margaret dating

For example, he tried to take the immortal life of Skips during his first appearance in the episode "Over The Top". He also tried to take Muscle Man's soul twice in the episodes "Dead at Eight" and "Last Meal" and even tried to take everyone's souls in "Skips Strikes".

Despite these evil intentions, he also helped the groundskeepers defeat the villains resurrected by GBF Jr. Death also has a son named Thomas, a year-old demon voiced by Michael Dorn who can speak, although Death does not know this. He later helped them retrieve Mr. Maellard's guitar in "Guitar of Rock", and in "The End of Muscle Man" where the others think he's trying to take Muscle Man's soul, but was only there to deliver him a ring.

In the series finale, he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming. He also makes an appearance in the episode "Cheer Up Pops" after the gang invites him to a party to help them cheer Pops up. In this episode, he said that they could count on him to help in the final battle. Don[ edit ] Don voiced by Julian Dean is Rigby's younger brother. Introduced in the episode "Don", Don is better and more likeable than Rigby in most ways, though as a child he was trying to be as cool as Rigby, unknowingly causing Rigby to be extremely jealous.

Don is also significantly taller than Rigby, and loves to give hugs to other people. At the end of the episode, the two reconcile as Rigby apologizes to Don on his jealousy towards him, while Don apologizes for not knowing of Rigby's annoyance towards him. Don returned in the episode "Bank Shot", where he helped Rigby practice for a bet he made with someone.

Don makes a final appearance in the finale where he and his parents greet Rigby home after three years. He also appeared in "The Postcard" to help his brother decipher the words from a busted up postcard in order to determine where High Five promised to meet a girl named Celia many years ago.

He apparently lives within the moon and rides in a custom designed white flying Cadillac Escalade. The God of Basketball then quickly befriends Mordecai and Rigby in "Slam Dunk" which leads him into offering them to learn how to play basketball well.

When that does not go according to plan, he uses his powers to instantly grant both of them great basketball powers. The God of Basketball momentarily changes sides when he is forced to play with Muscle Man against the duo for computer rights for life. The God of Basketball also appeared when he helped Rigby to get back his hat, in the match of Rigby vs. Techmo[ edit ] Techmo voiced by Steven Blum was once a human named Samson until he became a 6'6" technomancer cyborg.

He first appeared in "Skips vs. Techmo eventually became possessed by Doom Ma Geddon, but the trio were able to defeat the virus and free Techmo by destroying the computer. He also appears in "A Skips in Time" where he helps the past Skips return to his time in order to save the present Skips from dying.

The Moviehe participates in the fight against Mr. He makes his final appearance in the finale to greet Skips. The Phone Guardians[ edit ] The Phone Guardians voiced by Rich Fulcher and William Salyers are five living objects a fire in a wigwam, two tin cans connected by a string, an answering machine, a message in a bottle, and a chalkboard who serve as guardians of phones and live in an empty universe. They first appeared in "Butt Dial" where they threaten to erase Mordecai and Rigby from existence for hacking into Margaret's phone to erase an embarrassing message that Mordecai accidentally recorded, in which they chose to play it for Margaret instead of erasing it.

After listening to it, Margaret insists that Mordecai and Rigby should be released, believing that they "learned their lesson. Henry[ edit ] Dr. Henry voiced by Armin Shimerman is a lollipop man who serves as the park doctor. Then in "Catching the Wave", he told Pops to try and stay away from surfing or else his big head would put too much strain on his neck.

He later appears in "The End of Muscle Man" where he advises Muscle Man if he is in good condition to do his last activities as a bachelor. He first appeared in "That's My Television" where Mordecai and Rigby help him escape from the studio. He was the star of the sitcom, That's My Television. He is briefly seen in "The Thanksgiving Special" as a cook. His name was a reference to R2-D2a famous character of the Star Wars cinematic franchise.

After Mordecai and Rigby stole his moves in "Death Punchies", he was forced to shut his dojo down. It is revealed that he had a falling out with his master, who tried to kill him when they tried to retrieve the cure. He returns in "Death Kwon Do-Livery" where Mordecai, Rigby, and his apprentice attempt to help him go through a surgery operation for his stomach as it had exploded due to his Death Kwon Do Sandwich of Health which is incredibly unhealthy but the apprentice turns on them due to how his master had treated him and that he had snuck in after working hours to eat it and thus he needs a replacement stomach.

Despite his attempts to steal the stomach, the duo stop him and manage to save the sensei. Reuben Langer[ edit ] Dr. He told the gang not to push the button yet because Langer and his crew are still working on the rockets. In the episode "Rigby's Graduation Day", he sent a fax to the gang to push the button to launch them into space for their mission: Protect and Train Pops against his long-lost evil brother, Anti-Pops.

His first appearance was in "Cool Bro Bots". He makes his final appearance in the finale where he helps the park gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming. In the episode "The Space Race" Sally helps Mordecai and Rigby prepare for an annual race called the Interstation after the duo beat the high score for a spaceship simulator. She helps the gang fight Anti-Pops and Streaming in the finale. He appears in the finale alongside Sureshot and Sally, participating in the battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Colonel Rawls[ edit ] Colonel Rawls voiced by D. Douglas is the leader of the Space Tree who first appeared in "Welcome to Space". After the Park gang was sent into space, Rawls ordered Sureshot and his Crew to find the gang. When the Gang arrived at the Space Tree, Rawls told them why Maellard and Langer sent them into space for a special mission. CJ why formulas him captivating to give the vicinity tickets to Blanche, flirting her to catch into a large summit.

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are mordecai and margaret dating

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