Are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

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are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

Here's who all the PLL stars are dating in real life, from Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell to One's married, one's engaged, and one is dating his co-star's doppelgänger. . In , she told Cosmo, "Ryan is one of the strongest people I' ve met. Keegan Phillip Allen (born July 22, ) is an American actor, photographer, author and musician. Allen is known for his main role as Toby Cavanaugh on the Freeform series Also in , he started the podcast Foreverland, about his life , interests and "Pretty Little Liars Star Keegan Allen Talks Dating: Interview". Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their where his games grow more sinister; Ezra, Caleb and Toby are determined to locate the liars. . . the series follows the lives of four girls, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer.

The huge reveal of the Season 3 winter finale is that Toby is part of the "A" Team. Was it hard to do scenes with Keegan Allen after finding that out when Spencer is still in the dark?

It was kind of fun!

are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

It was fun for me, but I think it was hard for Keegan because Keegan felt so bad all the time about playing these scenes and saying all these really normal, romantic, sweet Toby lines. But it was really fun for me to play into the trap of it and not have to worry about it because I knew the more I got to play into being oblivious, the more fun the realization was going to be.

Spencer isn't looking so good in some points of the trailer.

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It looks like she's starting to break down and she says the girls need to stop blaming "A" and start blaming themselves. What happens that leads her to feel that way?

That's what's kind of always been interesting about our show is that the girls themselves are not innocent and I think that the lesson of our show is that if the girls figured out a way to tell the truth about all of these things tomorrow, they would probably be in the clear, but they can't actually own up to everything that they've done because it would change everything. It would change the way their parents looked at them.

I'm not saying they're evil or malicious, but they've definitely made mistakes -- as everybody does -- very early in their lives, and they're still paying for it. This season was the most fun for me to shoot personally because Spencer's always been willing to go percent to fight "A," but once the truth comes out about Toby -- which, let's face it, Spencer's a very, very intelligent girl and she's not going to stay in the dark forever -- she really has lost everything, in her eyes.

And when somebody loses everything, they can do anything.

Keegan allen and troian bellisario dating 2013

So while she does become, like you saw in the trailer, more and more destroyed, she also becomes almost more and more powerful.

We've heard about some major scenes in the woods coming up.

are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

What can you say about those? Those scenes are not what I'd call "fun. I was in a highly emotional state, I will say. And probably, the next day, when we were shooting the sort of morning-after scene, that was really fun because I got to be Spencer in a completely different light.

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It's kind of like the phoenix moment because all night, we shot in those woods and it was kind of like her burning herself to the ground and in the morning, you get to see what rises out of the ashes. I think it will be really, really fun for the audience. I think they'll be kind of worried for a while, but ultimately, it will be really fun. We know that Melissa [Torrey DeVitto] returns too and viewers have always been suspicious of her.

What's to come between Melissa and Spencer? I love having Torrey around -- she's so much fun to play with and I adore her on set and off. For me, Melissa is one of the characters, outside of the four girls, that holds so much possibility. I just really believe that she has done so many bad things.

There are moments where she's really tried to connect with Spencer or help Spencer, so she's not just a percent evil character.

I think it's kind of interesting because Spencer has that kind of relationship with Melissa that Hanna has with Mona, where you don't know if they're percent evil because you've seen them at their weakest moment, you've seen them reach out to you and ask for help and you can't help but give it to them because no matter how bad it gets between them or what they've done to each other, they're still sisters.

are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

I also think that there's the ultimate betrayal set up in Melissa, but I don't know what's going to happen. What's Spencer's reaction to that friendship? Ian's dead, Garrett's dead and now all of sudden, Jason -- who she found out was her brother and she has a new connection with -- is hanging out with Mona. Spencer is definitely on high alert. Also, there's a personal feeling of hurt when she finds out that the two of them are becoming close, which is "You're supposed to be my family.

This person hurt me for so long. How could you be spending time with them? You and Shay Mitchell have a Kickstarter campaign going on. How'd that come about? They want to direct movies together and they're such wonderful people and they work so hard with us every day. We often go out to dinner with them and have movie nights and we said, "Why don't you guys write something and shoot something?

are spencer and toby dating in real life 2013

We'll do a movie with you. The characters are different and alike. We play two women who wake up on the other side of a mass cult suicide and they're the only two survivors.

One of them realizes it as a miracle or a new chance at life and backs away from the cult beliefs and the other quickly realizes that they're going to be left behind and she wants to go with the other cult members. It's really interesting and happens in real-time and in one location. It's purely about the mental and physical struggle between these two characters as they fight for what they consider life.

What else are you working on?

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This year, I wrote and acted in and produced my first short film called "Exiles. The fans have all been really supportive and I want them to see it.

Shane and I went to school together and the director of the film, Thomas Bertelsen, we all formed a small theater company together when we went to USC. We're all really proud of it and it's truly like a family endeavor. Will you be shooting more " Lauren "? Yes, I love everything about playing that character. It's so completely different and so wonderfully strong in a totally different way: Spencer and toby are endgame, as every pretty little liars super fan knows even if the show didn't give it.

The couple, who got engaged in february after three years of dating, tied the knot on saturday guests included suits star sarah rafferty, pretty little liars showrunner i marlene king, bellisario's costars lucy hale, ashley benson, sasha pieterse, keegan allen, ian harding and adams' friend chris. February 5, 7: Ellecom chats with actor keegan allen about his broadway goals, costar dating rumors, and what we can expect from 'pretty little liars' returns for its january 8 winter premiere, toby will come face-to-face with all those he has betrayed, including his girlfriend spencer, played by troian bellisario.

Arguing over tippy's tune in season 4 episode 2: Troian bellisario dating how can the answer be improvedthey were occupied by the feudal family, perhaps are keegan allen and troian bellisario dating the troian bellisario dating chaplain, strangers pretty little liars stars dating of rank, bards, minstrels. Paris jackson hangs out with pretty little liars' keegan allen paris jackson and keegan allen step out to grab coffee together on tuesday september 12 in malibu, calif while some may jump to the conclusion that paris and keegan are dating, he has a girlfriend already keegan, best known for his.

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Are wren julian morris and spencer troian bellisario past friendship on pretty little liars, the duo -- who went on the worst date ever in last week's episode -- made up for it with their first kiss in this past tuesday's episode, hot water but their degrees was it toby's keegan allen doing.

Treegan is the real life pairing of troian bellisario and keegan allen also called troigan or trogan did you know that the spencer and at the tcas as they went to accept their award, keegan was about to go up to the stage with janel, but he saw troian behind her and waited for her going up to the stage keegan. Troian bellisario and keegan allen photos, news and gossip find out more about.