Bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

Who is Garrett Backstrom dating? Garrett Backstrom girlfriend, wife

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

All the people in this list have either dated Bella, expressed interest in her, Before him came Cody Simpson, Garrett Backstrom, Kenton Duty. Garrett Backstrom was dating Bella Thorne through until he moved to Texas and they didn't want a long-distance relationship. Bella is now currently dating. Garrett Backstrom dating history, , , list of Garrett Backstrom Garrett Backstrom has been in a relationship with Bella Thorne ( - ).

The couple seems to be dating since May They were spotted together in many public places like shopping centres, theatres etc.

Their relationship is well known to everyone in the industry. They maintain a transparency in their relationship.

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

Despite of their vast age difference they were still able to share their love for one another without any complications. At present they are in dating. It seems they might continue this relationship seriously. Hopefully the couple will continue their relationship without any interruptions. Past Relationships Chandler Parsons Before getting along with Scott Disick, Bella was in relationship with a 28 year old basket ball player.

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

He is an American and named as Chandler Parsons. He is a well known Basket ball player active since The couple met in February They were able to maintain their relationship only for a month.

They got separated in March. Their affair lasted for a very short period but still soon after the separation Bella had another affair with Scott Disick. They met when they had a chance to work together. But unfortunately their relationship could not go on for a longer period of time. They dated only for three months and they got separated due to difference of opinions and due to busy work schedules. While they were dating the couple was spotted in many common places like the theater.

Garrett Backstrom In the year on september she had a serious relationship with Garrett Backstrom.

Bella Thorne and Garrett Backstrom - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

He is an American actor. This was her only relationship which lasted for more than a year.

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The couple met in a common gathering and they shared their love for one another for a year. In October the couple had revealed that they are not in relationship anymore due to some misunderstandings between them. It was really a disappointment for their friends because they though that this pair will be able to maintain their relationship for longer run due to their similar way of thinking. Well they certainly got it, but Bella also got a healthy dose of embarrassment from the situation as well.

You in danger Scott. After they were photographed cuddling in a way that friends definitely do not, it seemed like the two were dating.

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

It appears that Bella may have thought Scott was more serous than he was, because she tried to claim after the fact that they were strictly friends. Do you cuddle with your platonic friends like this? TMZ Bella definitely has a voodoo doll of Scott in her bedroom after this ordeal. Bella is used to playing people, not the one being played. She of course took to her favourite form of courting, social media when she tried to hit KJ up.

She didn't bother going the more intimate route of a DM so maybe she was not feeling as confident as she normally does. KJ did not respond to her, but that does not mean she probably won't try again. With his star only just beginning to rise thanks to his hit show and gorgeous face Bella will definitely double back and try for him again. Watch out KJ, we have a feeling that when Bella really wants something she will do anything to get it! This is not the first or last time Bella has made a public proclamation towards someone she has a crush on in a very public way.

Fans of both Bella and Demi got so excited by the idea of the two girls dating that they quickly came up with a name for the potential couple - 'Della.

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

If there is one person on this list that needs serious protection from Bella, it is her ex-boyfriend Greg Sulkin. If only because it seems he cannot say no to her, even at the price of his self-respect.

Bella Thorne and Garrett Backstrom (her boyfriend)

Bella and Greg dated for awhile providing lots of public displays of affection. Then there came a period of off and on, mostly at the price of Greg's heart and pride. When Bella very publicly canoodled with Scott Disick and then was seemingly played by him, whose arms did she run into? None other than Greg Sulkins.

Nothing like watch your ex-girlfriend frolic around publicly with one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry and then having her run to you right after he gets tired of her. And it's not like the two of them even got back together, Bella got the attention and validation from Greg that she needed at the time and moved on to the next one.

It is also a great way for these potential targets of hers to find out that they are on her list.

bella thorne and garrett backstrom dating

Anyways, when asked who she is crushing on she quickly responded "Oh Camila Cabello. I think she is so hot. I just saw her at a party the other night but she was with a guy so I wasn't going to hit on her when she was with a date.