Bie sukrit and noona dating

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bie sukrit and noona dating

Noona didn't know fans were not pleased with Bie dating Mo After Khu Kam lakorn met with success, Bie Sukrit said he plans to take a break before getting. Bie is secretly dating Mo Monchanok his popularity drops among fans another group is cheering "khu Jin" Noona It became an issue after. 1 Bie's Profile; 2 About Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew; 3 Dramas & Sitcom The Movie with Noona Neungthida Sopon (Release date: 28 May ).

I don't care who Bie dates.

Bie, Noona & Love scenes in Jud Rak | Bie Sukrit International Fan-club

He and Noona just look cute together period. Not to mention he was super adorable with Ploy too. I don't think Bie fans are immature. I don't think they have anything personal against Mo; I'm sure it's just because they prefer Bie with Noona more. I think the most suitable word is 'fanatic'.

bie sukrit and noona dating

Haters are haters and biases are biases. Haters have their biases, you know.

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And that IS immature. That's not just being a Biena fan, it's called being immature.

bie sukrit and noona dating

And hey, I have my own favorite onscreen couples too but I sure as heck don't expect them to date in real life. Is Mo a good influence on Bie? Some of Bie's fans act as if she's the worst person he could possibly ever date and that she's a bad influence on him.

The truth is, we don't know who's a good person and who's just putting up a front.

Bie, Noona & Love scenes in Jud Rak

She has her share of flaws, but she doesn't try to fake a sweet and innocent image like many others do. From that, Bie is considered a new phenomenon of Thailand.

You try to meet and ask any person in the production department, staff Exact a film produce at Thailandanyone who has ever worked with Bie are loved him too,because he achieved success with his own talents, in case of existing skills is not enough then he will practice hard until perfect This concert he did not hold at the Impact Arena as before because on that day had band GOT7 Korean set the stage before.

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This concert, except Thai fans and China fan, there are many Vietnam fans. The guest of concert include: Awards Any famous artits, big and small awards, they have exhibition room, and Bie too.

This is a great pride for BFC Bie fanclub.

bie sukrit and noona dating

Besides,he is on the list of the most powerful star of Thailand inhe is of the stars has a China fan powerful. After contest The Star season 3, although he was only in second place, but his career was very successful compared to the champion.

Each season of the contest The Star, he always appear as a special guests in the show. He is a good example for the candidates to study. He had many difficulties.

In the first role, he was scolded by the director so much,he cried and wanted to give up. I need some body is a big song that made his name, this is the song that Thai singers are decry and remove when choosing to do music video, because the melody of the song is hard to hear.