In victorious are jade and beck dating

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in victorious are jade and beck dating

Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, until . Tori tries to convince Beck to make amends with Jade, only for him to bring up how . phone calls making it look like Tori and Beck are dating behind Jade's back, they find out that the producers just want drama even if it is fake. Bade has been marked as the longest article on the Victorious Wiki! .. When Tori says that Beck suffers enough pain dating Jade, Beck holds Jade back when . This page is for all Bade moments in each episodes in Victorious or on TheSlap. com. Pilot It is revealed that Jade and Beck are dating., Jade gets extremely mad .

But, she might as well become a little closer to Beck, not like they were going to be anything but friends now. She got in her car, starting it up and sitting there for a moment. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret for how it went down with Beck.

She still loved him honestly, but right now was not the time to get back together. They needed to trust each other and be able to have a conversation, without it switching into a full on screaming match. Needed to establish a real relationship, like the one they had started three years ago.

Sikowitz, slowly crept up behind him, screaming, "BOO! Sikowitz frowned, sitting down next to him. Sikowitz set it back down and rose a hand, "Oh look, there's Jade. Jade sent a glare their way, before trudging over. Sikowitz set down the soy sauce container, licking his lips, turning his head as Jade sat down next to Beck, laying her bag on the floor. Jade nodded, not surprised at all, "Yeah we would. Sikowitz addressed them now, "To prepare for your roles, you two.

Beck looked at him incrediously. Sikowitz stood in front of them, "Ah. If either of you leave before midnight, you both," He clasped his hands. Jade rolled her eyes, leaning over to him, "It's fine.

He won't know when we leave. Beck looked at her warily. Sinjin," He pointed over to the ragged hair boy peering through a set of binoculars. Sikowitz turned back around with a smug smile, "Happy dating.

Jade scowled, sitting down, Beck following suit. Jade ushered the waiter over, "I want the sushi combo, and a few California rolls on rice, capiche? She leaned back a little, crossing her arms, before casting a quick glance at Beck.

in victorious are jade and beck dating

She didn't answer him, just picked at her fingers, before shrugging off her jacket. They were going to be there a while, might as well not roast alive, even though she would rather do that then spend the rest of the night with him. That was definitely a more reliable option. Beck groaned, glancing around. This was going to be indeed a very long night. In a few minutes time, they brought her tray of sushi and her bowl of rice and California rolls.

She nodded a curt thanks, and saw Beck eye her food. She rolled her eyes up at the ceiling and push the tray over his way slightly, "Don't be a stranger. Beck looked at her suspiciously, wondering if she had somehow mentioned to the waiter that they should add chloroform into it or something.

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Shrugging, he picked up a set of chopsticks and began picking at the tray of sushi, weeding out the good pieces.

Jade felt relieved when she wasn't the only one eating and picked more at the rice. But that relief vanished when she heard his loud, obnoxious smacks of his jaw. Her eyes narrowed and she bit her lip to stifle a remark. But they continued, his chews weren't letting up. What was he eating? She clenched her teeth, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

She released a shaky breath, when he did it again and she looked at him, before screaming, "NO! Jade swung towards him, glaring harshly. We're broken up and I do not, like you! Beck rose an eyebrow. So you can't find one thing you like at me, even after three years of dating me? Congrats Jade, you've reached rock bottom.

in victorious are jade and beck dating

Jade bit her lip, glancing down at her plate, "No. Although I don't like that you aren't very open. Beck was silent again. What do you like about me, or is it hard to come up with something?

Beck met her eyes, "There's a lot I like about you. You're not afraid to say what you think," "That's stupid. He laughed lightly, "See? Just, alright, you're good looking. I don't want a F for the semester," He joked.

As she continued to eat her sushi in peace, suddenly, two males made their way over to her, eventually, squeezing her and crying out, "Babe sandwich!

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He looked at the other like it was a life or death situation. Jade glared at them both, when she heard someone clear their throat and she looked up to see Beck standing there. Chad and his friend exchanged glances, before looking back down at Jade, "Who's this? Jade met his eyes, "Because I don't. He was just glad she was presumed single. Chad rose an eyebrow, "Why? She was hanging with us? Jade took note of this and just stayed quiet.

in victorious are jade and beck dating

As annoying as these boys were, the show was even better. I went to the bathroom you chiz-heads! Alan and Chad turned to Jade, looking at her to confirm what Beck said. We were here first pal, get lost. He had to shut her up somehow, and she would be telling these guys that he was her ex and then everything would go to hell.

These guys were bugging her and he knew that she was just saying all that chiz to get on his nerves. She was first to pull back and leaned her nose into his ear, "I'm going to sing you a song.

You'll most certainly like it. Chad and Alan glared at Beck, "Stealer. She scurried over to the DJ, "Break's over. Jade only pointed, and he grinned, "Niceee. But I'd probably even do that wrong. Would I be able to and would I be afraid? Ohhh, I don't even mind. You turned me out," She swung, back facing Beck. I hold my breath! Because you are perfect. But I'm running out of air, and it's not, fair," She glanced over her shoulder, swishing her hips and running a tongue over her lips.

Da dadadadadada da dadadadadada. You called me beautiful. I hold, my breath! But I've cried wolf a thousand times. I wsh you could, feel as bad as I do. You turned, me out and now I can't turn back. Because you were perfect. But I'm running out of air and it's not fair. But I'm running out of air. Beck watched her, a small smile grazing his lips. She walked down the stairs and after receiving a few compliments, she made her way to Beck, ushering Alan and Chad to make themselves scarce.

Guess they got the message. She smirked, crossing her arms, "Told you you'd like it. And then all you could hear was the smack of lips and the shifting of hands.

She was now wearing a short, blonde wig, a jean vest, and a red plaid dress. She looked great in Beck's eyes and her chest was comfortable once again. Jade reached out, touching his arm, "No, No. You were saying I'm so…so-" She stopped, waiting for him to pick up where he left off. Beck lowered his arms, glancing down to the side. A sympathetic, deep look appeared on her face, her hand resting on his upper arm, her voice taking a softer approach.

He had finally put his heart into those words. Jade tilted her head up, "I love you. They were on a stage. Before wrapping his arms around her waist, hers around his strong shoulders and hugged him tight to her, resting her chin on his shoulder and closing her eyes. They stayed like that for a moment, probably lingering a little longer then necessary, but that went unnoticed by the audience, who applauded loudly.

Beck and Jade clasped hands, bowing. Most of them were thinking of how great the two interacted the entire play. The honest emotion they held in their eyes for the other, the way that they both said I love you with such passion and truth, it left a few of them wondering if they were back together, or just really-really great actors.

They were right with both inferences. Jade glanced randomly at the audience and her eyes widened as she saw Alan and Chad in the audience, waving wildly at her and whistling.

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Boy, was that a bad scarf. She grimaced and grabbed Beck's arm, "It's them, it's them. It was that Alan guy and his friend, Chad. Her grip on his hand tightened and she pulled him so he faced her, he grinned slyly.

He dipped her, leaning her down and giving her a satisfying kiss on the lips that left the audience clapping harder and Chad and Alan with confused looks on their faces. Priceless, was all Jade could say when she opened an eye. So later on after the place, in the next weeks, when Beck casts Jade as the lead role in his play and Jade mysteriously sneaks off at the same time Beck does, the inferences the people in the audience made, were quite true.

Well, at least one of them were. That was fun to write. Had that one in my head for a while. I thought it would be a cute idea, if Beck was Walter instead of Tori and it would offer up more Bade aspects of the episode.

When Jade states that something is dripping on her, he goes over to check on her. When Jade is in denial about sweating, he grabs her arms and tells her to look at him. Jade refuses to, and he yells at her.

in victorious are jade and beck dating

When she finally does, he says to her in a serious tone, "You're sweating. When Jade crawls onto the floor after being in denial about sweating, Beck joins her on the floor. When everyone is rushing toward Trina when they figure out she has water, Beck grabs Jade's arm. Before getting one for himself, Beck gives a bottle of water to Jade, meaning that he cares more about her safety than his own.

Jade and Beck lay on Beck's bed and he has his arm draped over Jade's leg. Wi-Fi in the Sky Jade wants to join in on their chat and Beck allows it. Beck is the only one who knows Jade's screen name.

Jade gets jealous of Beck watching over the dog of his next door neighbor, who is a cheerleader, and decides to go over to Beck's house to check up on him. When Beck says he was home doing homework Jade says, "So you want to break up with me? Why would you think I want to break up with you?

Beck does not get angry at her for breaking in, nor does he seem surprised. Beck and Jade are wearing matching necklaces in this episode. When the cheerleader next door turns out to be nine years old, Jade and Beck argue playfully and seem to enjoy doing so with each other. When Tori tries to make them stop, Jade tells her to stay out of it and they continued to argue.

Beck is smiling as he and Jade exchange words. After Ally leaves, Jade gets up to sit next to Beck. Beck playfully nudges Jade's arm and says in a flirty tone, "You gonna say you're sorry?

Beck replies with a smile, "I know. When Jade says, "I'll wait for her", Beck replies, "Whatever you want. Beck introduces Jade as his girlfriend to Ally.

Beck's Big Break Edit In the very first scene, while the camera is panning Asphalt Cafe before cutting to Tori, you can see Beck and Jade sitting at a table with two other people. Jade is whispering in his ear and he's grinning.

Beck backs Jade up when she was being grouchy to Tori, telling her that she got stung by a bee. Beck knew that Jade got stung by a bee. When Beck mentions that a costume designer was in his dressing room, Jade says "The costume designer was in your dressing room? Right before they start shooting Beck's scene, Jade announces that he is her boyfriend. Jade gets mad at Tori for costing Beck the part. When Jade leaves the lunch table angrily, Beck goes after her rather than stay with the group.

When Jade says "Fine, tell her", she grabs Beck's arm and they sit on the couch next to each other. When they are next to each other on the couch, Beck puts his arm around Jade. In the flashback two years agoBeck was the first to agree to Jade's idea about making a fake ping pong team. When Sikowitz is announcing the new member of the ping pong team, Jade and Beck are standing close to each other.

Jade suggests rocking the vending machine when Beck's sodagets stuck. Jade brushes against Beck on her way to the back of the soda machine. In the restaurant, Beck and Jade sat next to each other and are occasionally whispering and smiling as they do so. Both are wearing purple in the restaurant scenes. Beck and Jade sit close together as Andre goes against Tori. When Robbie is shown devouring his food, you can see Jade leaning towards Beck and hear a faint giggling from her.

Beck looks like he is about to laugh when Tori touches Jade and when she got annoyed. Beck pats Jade's shoulder. Jade and Beck both laugh at the fact Cat is dating Tori's ex-boyfriend. After Jade and Beck both leave Tori, Cat, and Daniel, they are seen making out passionately by the lockers.

Jade seems a little upset when Cat guesses Beck came up behind her and tried to surprise her. Beck an d Jade hang out together at the Kick Back. When Beck asks Jade to feel Andre's foot, she complies. Beck and Jade sit next to each other at lunch. At lunch, Beck has his arm around Jade and their fingers are intertwined. Beck and Jade both go looking for Tori after she sprays Daniel and Cat with cheese. Beck and Jade get their feet "smoothed" together.

They enjoy the experience, grinning at each other. Beck and Jade are both lying next to each other in the hospital. While in the hospital Beck briefly holds Jade's arm. Freak the Freak Out Edit They sit next to each other at the beginning of the episode, in Sikowitz's class.

When Cat asks everyone to guess what she and Jade are doing that weekend, you see Jade and Beck sitting very close together and Beck has his arm around her. When Sikowitz says that Jade is a "gank" and is lucky to have Beck, he smiles.

in victorious are jade and beck dating

Jade gets jealous when Beck asks Tori why she can't come to Karaoke-Dokie. Beck seems uncomfortable when Hayley is rubbing his hair, touching his hand, etc.

He tries to break up the fight between Hayley and Jade. When Cat and Jade are singing onstage, he cheers quite loudly. Jade goes over to the side of the stage where Beck is sitting and dances flirtatiously in front of him with a smile on her face, as if she knows he's enjoying watching her. After Jade and Cat are finished performing, she comes offstage and kisses him.

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Beck stands up and exclaims, "Come on, man! After Hayley and Tara's number, Jade says "Yeah! We're clapping 'cause it's over! When it is time for Jade and Cat to perform, Beck gives Jade a pat on the back. When the host says "Two girls really stood out. Jade, surprised, exclaims "WHAT?!?

During Sikowitz's number, they're standing very close and Jade repeatedly touches his arm and puts her arm around him. In the official music video for "Freak the Freak Out" Beck and Jade are seen dancing together and having a good time. Rex Dies Edit They sit next to each other in class. Beck takes Jade's side when she says that letting go of Rex would be a good thing for Robbie. When they are in the hallway with Tori, Cat, and a mangled Rex, Jade holds Beck's arm for a few moments.

Jade seems mad at the doctor for calling Beck handsome. In the hospital Beck asks Jade why she would want to have the jar with the fat lump in it, and they lightly argue about it. When Jade was holding and looking at the jar of fat, Beck was smiling at her as if he was a bit amused.

The Didly-Bops Edit In the beginning when Sikowitz tells them about the children's gig, Beck puts his arm around Jade and their fingers are intertwined.

Later, when he takes his arm off of her, he puts it back around her. At one point, Beck has both arms around Jade's body. Neither Beck or Jade want to sing for the children. When Jade says they won't sing and starts to leave, she is holding Beck's hand. Not long after Andre starts singing, Beck wraps his arm around Jade and the two of them smile at each other.

If you look closely during the very start of Andre's performance of Song2You, Beck has his arm around Jade until he starts clapping. Towards the end of Andre and Tori's duet, Beck turns Jade's head to his and kisses her. He then kisses the side of her head and she smiles, leaning on him.

Wok Star Beck looks frantically for Jade at the beginning of the episode, even ignoring Tori's attempts to tell him something. Beck seems really worried about Jade. He says "Hey, watcha doing? Beck knows Jade blew off two of her classes, which may imply he knows her schedule or that he walks her to class.

When Jade points her scissors at Beck and Robbie, Beck looks alarmed, but then smiles. Beck goes with Jade to see the theater where Jade's play is going to be put on for the first time. Jade introduces Beck as her boyfriend to Mrs. Lee, and he then smiles and replies, "I am the boyfriend.

Before Beck leaves the theater, he smiles at Jade. Lee says she has a couple of notes on Jade's play, Beck looks confused, maybe because he thinks Jade's play is good enough as it is. Beck looks happy that Tori agreed to finding money for Jade's play.

Beck and Jade wear their matching necklaces while the play was happening. The Wood Jade is smiling while watching Beck audition for the reality show, until the girl from the crew asks if he has a girlfriend. Jade looks disturbed when Katie, the girl from The Wood crew, hits on Beck. Jade says later on the Slap that she got this girl fired.