Is diamond platnumz and zari dating

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is diamond platnumz and zari dating

Lawrence then shared a WhatsApp screen shot of Zari begging him for money and he also offered Sh4 million to Diamond Platinumz. Here are latest ⭐ DIAMOND PLATNUMZ NEWS ⭐ Hot articles, interviews, scandal The last time he was this in love was when the crooner dated Zari but even. News ☛ Renowned Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarina Hassan aka Zari have officially parted ways. The couple.

They were not afraid to show to the world the amount of love that existed between them as was seen from Diamond Platnumz and Zari kissing photos.

is diamond platnumz and zari dating

From the beginning of their relationship, some fans did not like how fast things between Zari and Diamond were moving. Particularly, they were concerned that Zari was way older than Diamond Platnumz. They are 37 years old and 27 years old respectively; ayear difference. To most people, Diamond was still in a stage where most men explore to find out the woman that they will spend their lives with.

Moreover, Zari Hassan also had three grown kids from her previous relationship. So how was Diamond going to fit in her life? Nowadays, it has become common for relationships that are publicized to easily fall apart. Probably, the wishes that this couple would fail just like Diamond had dumped Wema Sepetu twice, was part of the reason their relationship did not survive.

However we will find out more why Diamond Platnumz and Zari split as we continue to unravel various bits of their lives. What you need to know about Zari and Diamond Platnumz married life In many societies, people usually progress from dating, then marriage and then having kids. However, not many people get to observe such protocols due to different reasons. Some people get married and have kids immediately. Others have kids first before getting married. While others just marry for companionship.

You would expect that Diamond Platnumz and Zari wedding would be one of the best in East Africa and beyond. However, Zari and Diamond wedding did not take place and this explains why some people constantly judged the commitment that these two lovebirds had towards their relationship.

Even after having two kids together, something we will discuss later in this article, Diamond and Zari did not show any signs of conducting a wedding. Diamond Platnumz and Zari videos whereby Zari had worn a Ruby green ring raised speculations that it was finally the time that they would make their relationship official.

However, it turned out that this video was taken during the Dua of her late mother. Definitely, people wanted to know if, when and where Diamond would wed Zari. To clear the speculations, the couple revealed that they were not in a hurry to do a wedding. They asserted that they had other plans they needed to accomplish before making plans for their wedding. When asked about the wedding, Zari said that their goal was to invest first before doing a wedding. She even said that they would like to build apartments for their kids first.

Such investments would be very beneficial to their children even in their absence. Even though both couple had several reasons as to why they were not planning a wedding, Zari spoke fondly about how she would want to have the biggest wedding in East Africa.

is diamond platnumz and zari dating

Remember, they already had two kids at the time they confessed about the fact that they were not ready to get married. Despite not have a wedding to signify their love, Diamond Platnumz and his wife Zari continued to thrive amidst the judgments and criticism they received from the public.

Notably, the issue of having kids out of marriage did not sit well with Muslim leaders who were concerned that Zari was going against the norms and expectations of the Islamic religion.

is diamond platnumz and zari dating

However, Zari is known to be a person who does not care about what other people talk behind her back. This probably explains why it sat well with her to have kids with a man who had not shown any signs of marrying her officially.

Did Diamond Platnumz's partner Zari sleep with her ex-husband’s pal?

Honestly speaking, if Zari was not brave despite the public criticism she gets, she probably would not have achieved so much success leave alone being a socialite and celebrity. Some insights on Diamond Platnumz and Zari babies As stated earlier in this article, some people prefer getting kids first before making their union official.

Well, these faces of bongo love followed suit. Being that the two met and started dating in and in they had a kid together, we could assume that things between them were escalating at a breakneck speed.

Diamond meeting Zari was one of the best things that happened in his family. In fact, it was a blessing. If he decided to settle with Wema Sepetu, he most likely would not have had the kids that he has today. It is very unfortunate that Wema Sepetu cannot conceive. Diamond Platnumz and Zari news reveal that the couple only has two kids, a boy and a girl.

The girl was born in while the boy was born in If you have been following Diamond Platnumz and Zari news today, you will realize that these two kids are among the most famous in East Africa and beyond. The kids are as pretty and as handsome as their parents. Often, you will see Diamond Platnumz and Zari baby photos on social media platforms. Judging from these photos, one can tell that these kids live large. They are always dressed to kill.

They have instagram accounts that are managed by Zari their mother.

is diamond platnumz and zari dating

Notably, these accounts only follow family members. Zari Hassan and Diamond Breakup explained by the socialite herself Since the gap between the two kids is very small, they are just one year apart, the fans and haters of Zari questioned how fast she was giving birth. Definitely, one is bound to wonder why she would rush to have two babies to a man who has not married her officially. Fans even spread rumors that their second born had not been planned for. However, in an interview she said that she was not using any family planning method and they had agreed it was okay if she conceived.

Additionally, having kids from different fathers also makes some people view her as one who made wrong choices in life.

Zari would then meet this sexy American man that she really fell head over heels in love and as evident. The two did not have a long lasting relationship and later broke up.

The next time we saw Zari, she was all over the Utanipenda hit maker Diamond Platnumz.

It’s official! Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have broken up ▷

The two met on a plane and as they all say the rest was history. The now mother of five seems to have settled! Ugandan-born socialite Zari Hassan seems to have a new man in her life, but who is he? On Saturday, the socialite shared two pictures in her Instagram story getting cozy with the mysterious man but made no mention of who he is. In the pictures, the Caucasian man can be seen giving the mother of five a kiss on her cheek and standing close to her smiling.

The socialite has been rumored to have moved on since her dramatic split from Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz. Diamond Platnumz dad loses walking ability, pleads for medical cover Diamond Platnumz's mum pushes musician to get married, says he's getting too old It is never easy for an African woman to get the approval of her mother-in-law because most of the time she is viewed as an intruder.

Ugandan Socialite Zari 'Still Together' with Singer Diamond -

Diamond Platnumz's mum pushes musician to get married, says he's getting too old Diamond Platnumz falls off stage while performing, left shaken Diamond Platnumz has become the latest victim of faulty, weak platforms after the musician tumbled down during a performance in Tanzania.

The singer was busy jumping on stage, hyping the crowd together with Rayvanny and Mbosso. Diamond Platnumz falls off stage while performing, left shaken Local musicians who will battle it out with Diamond Platinumz, WCB artists at Wasafi Festival The event which has been sponsored by NRG radio and WCB had earlier on attracted controversy with countless local music lovers wondering why promoters are fond of importing talents yet we have some of our own who can do exemplary Local musicians who will battle it out with Diamond Platinumz, WCB artists at Wasafi Festival Diamond Platnumz set to wed lover on Valentine's Day one year after bitter breakup Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz has made yet another promise to bag himself a wife and finally ditch his casanova ways.

The father of three stated he is ready to walk down the aisle with his lady on Valentine's Day, Diamond Platnumz set to wed lover on Valentine's Day one year after bitter breakup Diamond Platinumz's new Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna responds to claims she slept with Wizkid Responding to an Instagram post claiming she may have cheated on Diamond with Wizkid, stated her darling husband-to-be Diamond already knows of the video so whoever is trying to stir up some cheating rumours can come up with news Diamond Platinumz's new Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna responds to claims she slept with Wizkid Diamond's new lover caught sneaking out of night club with Wizkid Diamond Platnumz has been over the moon ever since he introduced his future wife to the world.

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The pair look like a match made in heaven. The only time he appeared to be that contented was when he was with Zari Hassan. The news was first made public by Janja himself as he took to social media.