Islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

Are European fears of the Islamization grounded in reality? | The Japan Times

islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

Only that many of them—the European bishops in particular—have been long past their sell-by date: that young immigrants will solve Europe's labor Unfortunately, many of them seem wedded to a fantasy-based conception of Islam. The reality—a reality that many bishops have not yet come to terms. Muslim immigrants are coming to Europe in droves, but they're bringing with them a religion that in many Islamophobia or Real Concern?. Free dating sites salisbury. Shepperd minimum and carabid that his carpenters wag announces or mixes. Quadric Pietro irritates him with.

What relationship is there between the marginalised youths committing acts of terrorism and the religious community to which they claim to belong?

islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

There is a debate to be had on violence among young people that is certainly not simply a question of Islam. Whether they are new converts or second generation Muslims, it has to be said that their revolt is part of an Islamic narrative. But this is because, in the world of radicalisation, the Islamic model is the most visible.

This visibility is also due to the fact that the left-wing version of radicalisation has disappeared from the global stage. For decades, Europe has experienced a form of terrorism linked to the Far Left: But in the market for radical protest today on a global scale, sadly, only Daesh is on offer. Can the rise of xenophobic parties in Europe be attributed to a sense of crisis or insecurity about identity experienced by a section of the population?

And is this insecurity linked to the current debate around Islam in the public sphere? The growing insecurity felt around issues of identity is not caused by Islam, but by a crisis in the status of the nation state. In the past, this question belonged to the Far Right, with writers such as Alain de Benoist. In France, it was Nicolas Sarkozy who legitimised the debate on identity. If this concept is omnipresent today, it is largely because other concepts are no longer on the table, such as the class struggle, the Left-Right divide, etc.

The Left has become liberal on economic policy but has abandoned its liberal values. On the other hand, the Right has espoused a wider set of values. Until the s, the Right tended to defend traditional values. Then came Margaret Thatcher, Nicolas Sarkozy, etc. It seems to me that we should stop worrying about what the Koran says and stop all the theologising in order to deal effectively with the question of Islam in concrete terms.

islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

Religion is treated as if it constitutes a threat to our human rights, but religious freedom is an integral part of those very rights. No politician today is asking the Catholic Church to adopt the ordination of women, yet when it comes to Islam, anything goes.

The question of Islam should be reconsidered within the framework of the religious freedom offered by modern democracy and we should return to basics; to a legal and constitutional vision of the religious question. By collecting basic sociological statistics, we will see that in France, as in Europe, the Muslim middle classes exist and that social mobility has been able to function.

It is time we opened our eyes. Would you say that politicians and law-makers are coming up with the right responses to the challenges of these questions around security and identity? Those in power have been caught up in the drama of the terrorist attacks and made it their priority to reassure people by putting on a show of strength.

Security and Identity: Between Fantasy and Reality

But the challenge of terrorism cannot be dealt with overnight, and there is a whole long-term effort to be made to put in place preventative measures. There can be no excuse for these acts committed by young people seduced by the evil of radicalism, but that should not prevent us from asking what incites them to commit such atrocities. If we had managed to let them share more equally in the values we hold so dear and from which we consider them to be excluded, perhaps these young people might have made other choices.

There are those who need to have something to believe in, and not just in religious terms. There is no dialogue, no rational discussion, no commitment to thought and debate.

islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

Public perception takes centre stage because, sadly, in politics, things have to move fast. In terms of security, the current policy adopts the same old approach of measuring effectiveness solely in terms of ensuring the physical protection of the population.

Fundamentally, this type of policy on security comes into conflict with freedoms and the safeguarding of human rights. There is, then, a legitimate debate to be had on the right balance to be struck between security and respect for freedom. It is, of course, of vital importance, but it seems to me more urgent to be clear about where the threat is coming from.

If we consider, for example, that any sign of religious radicalisation is taken to indicate a potential terrorist threat, we have the wrong target in our sights and risk missing the real threats. Banning headscarves in universities, for example, clamping down on halal products, or taking vegetarian meals off the menu in our schools while somehow equating these things with a potential terrorist threat is completely outrageous.

We need to reinvent a peaceful relationship with all religions. If there is no real work of long-term prevention through reviewing the catastrophic policies in urban development, real opposition to discrimination, racism, and the precarity faced by young people in urban neighbourhoods, identity politics will only increase.

Thankfully, not all inward-looking attitudes to identity lead to terrorism. It is time we stopped raising the spectre of communitarianism.

There is nothing unusual in the fact that people will turn to their community for answers in the face of rejection from outside. We are in the middle of a crisis in the political imagination. And the European Union is unable to give us the sort of vision we can believe in. We have reached the limits of the European model.

It is vital to make the European institutions more democratic, and the European Parliament in particular must have a greater role to play. Equally, we must rethink the nation state, based on a restoration of the political engagement of citizens and starting at the grassroots level of local councils. Democracy at a local level must be developed and encouraged, rather than stunted.

Migration and the Islamization of Europe

The reality—a reality that many bishops have not yet come to terms with—is that Islam is a radically different faith with a radically different moral code. A couple of years ago, the Afghan parliament rejected a measure that would have banned child marriage. It will be difficult enough to repair the damage that has already been done to the family by secular relativists.

It would be folly to compound the problems families face by enabling the spread of a culture that is opposed at almost every juncture to the Christian view of family. In an article for Catholic World Report, Fr.

There appear to be two main contingents at the Synod: In the same vein, he wants to open the Church doors as wide as possible to remarried divorcees and homosexual couples without asking much in return. What if some of the visiting sailors decide to put down roots in Freeport?

islamization of europe reality and fantasy on dating

Given the deteriorating situation in Sweden and given her sexual orientation, one suspects the time is approaching when Bishop Brunne will be the one who is no longer welcome in Sweden. She may someday find herself a refugee—one of a number who need asylum from an increasingly Islamized Europe. In the photo above, migrants protest at the Keleti railway station in Budapest on September 1, during their evacuation.

Migration and the Islamization of Europe |

The Struggle for the Soul of the West. His work is supported in part by the Shillman Foundation. For more on his work and writings, visit his website, turningpointproject. Neither do their clueless leftist apologists. This is all according to Islamic law sharia.

Pregnant women abducted and sold as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters have been forced to undergo abortions leaving them unable to move or speak, freed Yazidi girls have revealed. One woman, Bushra, 21, revealed that her friend was three months pregnant when she was captured, and that ISIS forced her to undergo a termination. I asked her what happened and how they did it. Noor and Bushra, whose real names have been withheld for their protection, are just two of hundreds of Yazidi women subjected to horrendous rape and torture after being captured by ISIS fighters.

Islamic State fighters have slaughtered more than 5, Yazidi people and captured up to women and children in the Sinjar region.

Last month, advocates for the Yazidi people urged the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate their persecution as a potential case of genocide. They include the summary executions of more than Yazidi men, the killing of the sick and elderly, the rape and enslavement of thousands of women and the abduction of their children, who are forced to convert to Islam and fight for IS. They are now living in camps in areas controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq.