Kick movie salman khan and jacqueline dating

Kick: Jacqueline was intimidated by Salman on first day of shoot - Movies News

kick movie salman khan and jacqueline dating

Salman Khan has also taken Jacqueline along with him on Da-baang tour. Salman Khan is dating none other than Race-3 co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. actor is casting Sri Lankan in beauty in one after another movie opposite him. The duo had worked together in Race-3 and Kick (the sequel of which. Buy KICK [BOLLYWOOD][INCLUDES SPECIAL FEATURES] by Salman Khan DVD, Blu-ray online at lowest price in India at Salman Khan;Jacqueline Fernandez (Actor) Rated: U (Universal) Format: DVD All items in Movies & TV shows are non returnable. . Devi and Shaina start dating, and fall in love with each other. Looks like Salman Khan and his 'Kick' co-star Jacqueline Fernandez are more than Apart from Khan and Fernandez, the movie also features Bollywood biggies like salman and jacqueline dating · salman jacqueline affair.

But Sid will always remain a close friend," said the Kick actor. So what is her relation with Sidharth? We've done two films together now.

We're hoping to work again in the future.

kick movie salman khan and jacqueline dating

He's a fantastic human being and we've only been friends. I came to know we come from similar backgrounds," said Jacqueline. Fernandez also said how she and Sidharth were quite similar. He was new to the industry.

Salman Khan has a new girl in his life – Is it Jacqueline Fernandez?

He's worked his way up, he was an AD, he didn't know anybody here. So, we're a lot similar. He knows what he wants, where he's going," she said, and added, "And yes, he's very, very good looking.

She said that behind the glamour of the showbiz industry, there are a lot of compromises. She said that she has been through 'moments of desperation' and that she has 'suffered from eating disorders'.

Jacqueline Fernandez "These happen because you let your insecurities take over. Not eating and putting your body through unhealthy eating patterns. I love food but I'd punish myself by not eating at all or binging on comfort food.

Salman and Jacqueline's fondness for each other grows - Movies News

The positivity that people now see in me is because I'm fighting my battles and I'm proud of overcoming them. But it's not been easy," said Jacqueline. The actor, who made her Bollywood debut in with the film Aladin, shot to fame after starring opposite Salman Khan in 's Kick. Getting to choose a variety of scripts is a great position to be at and I feel very lucky that all my hard work has got me to this place.

kick movie salman khan and jacqueline dating

I no longer have to race, I can now sit back and enjoy the work I have been doing because currently, all the projects I am associated with are the ones I always wanted to be a part of.

Did you bond with Arjun and Ranbir on the sets of Roy? I played a double role in the film and it really felt like two different films for me, working with both, Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor. Arjun is a loveable person.

kick movie salman khan and jacqueline dating

He is extremely intense when it comes to his work. He would always come up to me and discuss the scenes, no matter what time it was.

We always paid attention to making our character as well as the scene better. It was amazing to get such enthusiasm from your co-star. With Ranbir, I got to learn a lot. He is a spontaneous actor and this really helped me learn about the entire experience of working on a film.

Kick: Jacqueline was intimidated by Salman on first day of shoot - Movies News

Both of them were great co-stars and it was wonderful sharing screen space with them. Your friendship with Sonam Kapoor has created quite a buzz. How do you feel about your newly acquired BFF? Sonam has always been a good friend. She is family to me. I can surely count on her for advice or support. She is a secure, confident, focused girl and I always wish the best for her.

Being friends with the fashionista has worked in that you too have been receiving compliments for you style quotient and looking good. The best thing about the Style Icon Award was that I got the opportunity to receive it from Sonam laughs.

I thought my career was over, Kick saved it: Jacqueline

The entire experience was just amazing. I think it is very important to be confident about who you are, and never be afraid of the world judging you. It is not always important to be a people pleaser. Post the award, do you feel the pressure about constant scrutiny now for your appearance? I have always been comfortable in my own skin and not really given a thought to what people will say. Do not expect them to like everything you do all the time, and this is absolutely fine with me because I cannot please people always.

I prefer being myself whether in scrutiny or otherwise. Who are the directors you want to work with, on your current wish list? Directors are the most important factor for me when I sign a movie. Right now, there are a lot of directors I wish to work with who have done amazing work. I think I can work again with Sajid Nadiadwala. I want to work with Raju Hirani and Vishal Bhardwaj because they create edgy, creative cinema, Imtiaz Ali for the romantic films he makes, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his perception about cinema in the artistic sense.

He is one of those directors who apart from acting, also look into costumes, styling and grandeur. One bit of advice you would like to give to your contemporaries. One piece of advice I want to give them is always be truthful in whatever you do because nothing can remain hidden. The truth can set you free. The day you are yourself, you start getting appreciation.

A film of your contemporary you would like to be a part of?

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I would have loved to be a part of Om Shanti Om because this film released when I had first come to India. I loved the way the film was magical and fantasy like. I would have also loved to be a part of Queen.