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[Exclusive] Kang Min Hyuk talked about 'Hospital Ship' and Ha Ji Won

CNBLUE`s Kang Minhyuk Says Krystal is His All Time Favorite . co-star, Minhyuk chose Krystal, who was his girlfriend-on-screen in the drama. Wise Prison Life-Park, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Krystal, Wise Prison Life- Lim Kang Seung-Yoon · Lee Kyu-Hyung · Choi Sung-Won · Wise Prison Life- Jung Hae-In. Yoo Jae-Myung - Kim Je-Hyeok's agent; Yoo Hyung-Gwan - Sim Woo-Kyung Geum Kwang-San - prisoner; Lee So-Yun - Min-Cheol's ex- girlfriend. Are there any b | Tags: cnblue kangminhyuk hyukstal ahnjaehyun They are too close that she can make him leave his girlfriend whenever.

The way Kwak Hyun plows through the difficulties will be different than my previous roles as a student. Many people see the resemblance because of my calm personality. Ha Ji-won is a great actress with a lot of experience. There are no difficulties working with her and we talk to each other a lot. She always takes care of those around her while filming. I think I need to learn from her on how to blend in with the director and those on set — the way she blends in is so natural.

You all are staying in Geojae Island together, how is it the atmosphere down there like? Many people say medical dramas should not deal with romance but just focus on medical aspects of it.

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Are there other elements seen in this drama besides medical practices? The concept of a Hospital Ship itself is the biggest difference between our drama and other medical series.

[The Heirs] Unseen Moments of Minhyuk & Krystal

Not just depicting the success story of a doctor, but it shows how a doctor matures through patients that he or she treats. Also, I thought of why romance appears often in medical dramas. In case of the Hospital Ship, it is an enclosed space with a few people. So, it is only natural for those people to connect, bond and grow a close relationship with each other over time. If you see a love story in the Hospital Ship, it will look more natural than in any other medical dramas.

Many hardships and stories of overcoming those challenges will deepen the love in the Hospital Ship. On the Hospital Ship, there are only doctors, nurses, and the captain. Wishes there was a local include: Characters taemin, choi hangul: Files dating are minho and krystal dating is keisha knight pulliam dating doors result door krystal of gof knew that. Artist with choi december 9 Flower beauty of idols hong-chul for free as well.

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CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk Chooses f(x)’s Krystal As His Favorite Female Co-Star

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CNBLUE's Minhyuk says Krystal is the prettiest of all the actresses he has worked with

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