Pros and cons of dating military men

Why You Should Break Up With Your Military Boyfriend!

pros and cons of dating military men

Other military dating services can't compete with the number of quality members including online profiles and photographs of single men and women, chat rooms I am now just learning the pros and cons of internet communicating with a. As the few thousand who are dating people going to military But today, I want to really focus on the pros and cons of dating a guy at a military academy. I'm the Why do uniforms always make men look 1, times hotter?. Almost all of the cons people are listing is based on a person piss poor choices NOT relevant to them being in the military. So everyone saying military guys are.

I started to look for people who have a life. In other words, be a person of substance and have your own experiences to bring to the table. You do not have to have a resume a mile long or anything like that, just tell us what you are like. Maybe you hate peanuts on your ice cream sundae. Or you think coconut is shredded cardboard. Or you are afraid of heights. Or prefer dogs to cats. You collect coins, hate mornings, need one shower a day, and drive an import.

All that is personal detail that is about the person. That little bit was about me. There is really nothing in there about what you want in another, it is just who you are. That is much more than just being in the military.

What REAL Soldiers DO Like in a Relationship — :-)

So when you ask about us, we are really eager to share info about us! We will tell you about the countryside here, the people, where we trained, how we got here, what the food is like, what we do for the holidays, where we want to go on leave, where we have gone, where we have been stationed before, when we joined, why we joined, what our family thought of us joining, what our life goal is, do we want or have kids, what they like, why they make us laugh, what we miss most about home, what we miss least about home.

Now all that information will paint a picture for you. Do you like what you see? Does he like you? In all this, the best advice I can give is to never settle. Right is better than Mr. Because when you meet Mr. Right you will feel imprisoned by your previous brash decisions. Their wife died and a relative in a far off country is watching their child. Check for dead people at http: In reality if something major happens like that while in service we get home for leave. If no one can take the child a compassionate discharge is not out of the question.

But sending a kid to Nigeria? Hold the phone please. They are in the Army?

pros and cons of dating military men

Can you show me your CAC card? Tell me your unit? Show me the orders deploying you?

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Tell me your MOS? They should be able to rattle off that information easier than counting to ten. And NONE of that is classified. In the past I have researched claims of military membership for folks. We all have access to what is like military White pages. Anyone in the military can do this, so you can call a recruiter or anyone you know in the military.

Oh, the scammers so need money. They need cash for a satphone yet they are online, which means Skype to the US is free.

pros and cons of dating military men

Or they can get a Google phone number for free. When I was deployed I indeed needed debts paid, so I had a friend write checks that I had pre-signed for me. Before we deploy our money goes into a stateside bank, and if there is an issue and there can be, I had one the finance office will fix it in a few days. We do not pay for leave or to retire early. DA31 is the Army leave form, you can find the others.

I only need permission from my chain of command for leave and travel is usually free from where I am to the states. Or they need money to build an orphanage or buy stuff for kids or pay a bill back home.

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And of course only YOU can save the day. If I have money issues I am not going to be looking into dating sites at that time. Before dating apps and smartphones. I always knew I wanted to be married someday and I met my husband when I was 22 after a couple of boyfriends that were not the right match for one reason or another. I had never dated someone in the military but was involved in several long-distance relationships.

I hated feeling like half of my life was where I was living, and the other half was too many miles away. Over the years I have met many military girlfriends. Some become spouses, and some do not.

pros and cons of dating military men

Being a military girlfriend is going to be challenging, for even the most committed of women. Here are some reasons why you should probably break up with your military boyfriend… Something seems fishy If you have never met in person before, you are running the risk of being scammed.

Sadly, not everyone who claims to be in the military truly is.

pros and cons of dating military men

There are scams out there to get unsuspecting women to send money to their military boyfriend. Some examples are telling their girlfriend that the military is not giving them food or will not let them come home from Iraq or Afghanistan without buying their own plane ticket. If you are dating someone online and things seem a bit fishy, you could be getting scammed.

pros and cons of dating military men

Make sure that the person you are with is who they say they are. They cheat on you There has to be trust in a military relationship. Without trust, everything falls apart.

Pros and cons of dating an ex-military man? Please help!!!?

You will have to spend time apart. You might have to go weeks or even longer without regular communication. You have to trust that he or she is going to be faithful to you. They have to trust that you are going to be faithful to them. If that trust gets broken, it can be hard to repair.

While there are some cases when couples can move beyond cheating, in most situations, walking away is your best option. I have been the girl who sat down with a pros and cons lists about my current relationship. But as I look back, it was evident that was not a good relationship to be in.