Seth rollins and nikki bella dating page

Nikki Bella 'Not Interested' in Dating in Wake of John Cena Split

seth rollins and nikki bella dating page

Nikki Bella has a grand idea for an angle involving herself and Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins: The Prince and Princess of The Authority. As soon as @WWERollins saw Nikki @BellaTwins, he went "Nikki. Replying to @SethRollinsSite Nikki is dating john and Dolph wants to marry her but. Longtime WWE veteran Nikki Bella reveals if she and recently broken-up boyfriend John Cena are still friends after the entire ordeal.

Is it Seth Rollins? In each chapter you learn a little more about Dean's affair. Will you make the right guess in the end? Who shares Dean's bed? What can go wrong? Dean and Roman aren't sure.

They're scared to find out. I promise the story is better than the summary Wrestling - Rated: Will his ambitions to become Medical Chief of Staff and a surprise from his past cost him everything? Mention of Roman Reigns.

What's done in the dark shall come to light especially when they betray the both of them.

seth rollins and nikki bella dating page

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Read to find out. John starts changing in Nikki's opinion. A certain superstar that likes to Show Off starts catching Nikki's attention.

Will John be able to steal her heart again? Or will Dolph give Nikki the things she's dreamed of?

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Please read and review. She knows the King's heart belongs to her, but as her wedding approaches she realizes that her heart belongs to someone else When Jon gets called away for something important, he tells Brie that if they are truly meant to be they will meet again.

What happens when they do meet again three years later and Jon gets the surprise of his life? Can they talk it out or will their relationship fall? Seth Rollins knows the feeling and offers to help her, but even with The Shield on her side, Nikki worries that The Billion Dollar Princess will be the end of her.

  • Nikki Bella 'Not Interested' in Dating in Wake of John Cena Split
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Lucky for her, the architect of The Shield doesn't plan on letting that happen. M - English - Chapters: Nikki is doing the best she can to save Brie from making a horrible mistake. Can Nikki save her sister fast or will Dean take her straight to hell? She's worked there since she were 21 years old. Putting up with a lot of guests' BS, she's never dealt with anyone who irked her soul like he does. Nikki seems to be having the most fun, when she meets a stripper named Seth Rollins.

M - English - Romance - Chapters: Stephanie McMahon has finally managed to deal with her mental health issues and fix her marriage. All of her problems are behind her now, or so she thinks. Her relationship with her family and her boyfriend, John Cena, falls apart as she aligns herself with the Authority and approaches new opportunities.

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But what happens when Mr. Money in the Bank starts making things even more complicated? Both struggle to find their place in this new world without their loved ones. Would they ever reunite with them or will they be forced to move on? T - English - Chapters: The world found out that Nikki Bella had been married before.

What she purposely forgot to mention was that her ex-husband happened to be the so called 'lunatic' superstar Dean Ambrose. Now Nikki has to face the consequences since the episode aired by answering to the man himself. She settles in a Las Vegas where she meets a mysterious man who changes her life forever. Can he safe her or will it be too late. M - English - Drama - Chapters: PM me and tell me who you think should get eliminated.

She is his everything and he is only someone on the side for her. Now, when everything she once knew is ripped away from her, Nikki Bella is unsure what her future holds. At least, until a certain member of the Shield turns everything on its head.

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Both Sable and Marc seem much happier in their new found relationships than they ever were together. Cody was in relationships with many other Divas before Layla and it seems that this couple didn't last very long together either. Much like many other Divas, Layla also has a lengthy dating resume and it seems she only remained with Cody for just over a year. Cody later met Brandi. The WWE ring announcer had been promoted from FCW where they company decided to allow her to be an announcer rather than a wrestler.

The couple dated for a few years before they finally married in September Layla had left the company a few months prior to their departure. She was once considered to be the future of the Women's Division when she was first promoted to the main roster back inbut this later came to nothing.

The duo's relationship was recently revealed when a string of personal videos were released to the WWE Universe. The couple became engaged late last year following Paige's WWE suspension for failing the Wellness Policy test and finally married on March 29th this year in what has been referred to as a shotgun ceremony. It was revealed earlier this week that Ryder and Emma are officially over now since Ryder is reportedly dating former Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green.

Their relationship was seemingly perfect until they were said to have been on a break back in Melina and Batista's affair then came to light and it was reported that this took place while the couple were not officially together. The affair had a huge impact on Batista's marriage and it affected Melina and Morrison so much that he moved on and began dating Kelly Kelly before Melina left the company. It was reported that just before her departure, the couple were back together and performed together most recently on an episode of Lucha Underground.

seth rollins and nikki bella dating page

Test later moved on to date Stacy Keibler, who was known to the WWE Universe as the woman with the longest legs in the company.

The couple didn't stay together long, and Stacy didn't remain in WWE for very much longer either. She went on to appear on Dancing with the Stars back in and attempted to make a name for herself outside of the company. Something that she definitely achieved when it was made public knowledge that she was dating Hollywood star George Clooney.

Nikki Bella is Jealous and Distracts Seth Rollins During His Match: Raw, 2016

Stacy and George looked like the perfect couple for a while, but like many of her previous relationships, this one didn't last. Orton was married to Samantha Speno from until before it was made apparent that Orton was cheating on her and their marriage ended in divorce.

seth rollins and nikki bella dating page

Despite how much he often shoots on Kelly Kelly in WWE interviews in relation to the number of wrestlers she ended up dating while she was part of the WWE, it has become public knowledge that Orton was one of those guys that the former Divas Champion dated.

He was seemingly sour about the break-up. Orton went on to date WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman before he married his second wife Kim Marie Kessler back in before they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Brooklyn Rose back in