Star trek voyager time and again online dating

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star trek voyager time and again online dating

The Star Trek franchise continues as the crew of the USS Voyager follows a Phage. 46m. With dilithium reserves running low, Janeway follows Neelix's advice. The USS Voyager is continuing on course for the Alpha Quadrant. Tom Paris' bridge shift Paris begins to persuade him to leave; he planned a double date with the Delaney sisters. .. (The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine issue 5, p. It's really remarkable the sense of self that Star Trek: Voyager had three Time and Again is a time travel story, but it's also the first time that Voyager pulls . Paris and Kim discussing double-dating in the teaser, the . I'm wary about being misinterpreted online, if only because it has happened a few times.

Star Trek: Voyager

At the same time, it is worth conceding that neither of those stories was highly original. Peter David joked in the foreword to a later Imzadi edition that Ronald D.

Even The City on the Edge of Forever itself was just part of a long line of similar time travel stories. Time and Again might be a reasonably serviceable time travel story on its own merits, but it is very much in the shadow of those two episodes. It knows what it wants to be — effectively a continuation of The Next Generation, with a more cost-effective cast.

Voyager was billed as a whole new series by its creators at the new United Paramount Network. Some of these comparisons were superficial spurious; others were spot-on. Star Trek has always prided itself on engaging with important and vital social issues, and Voyager would have its share of episodes offering incisive commentary on moral issues. Nazis — whether literal or allegorical — seem to turn up with great frequency on the show.

star trek voyager time and again online dating

Walking through the past… Time and Again seems interested in nuclear politics. Tom Paris finds a stopped clock, an iconic image associated with the Hiroshima bombing. Although the disaster is caused by an explosion at a power planet, the technology responsible is first mentioned by Tuvok in the context of weapons. The nuclear option… Interestingly, the story had originally been conceived as a more direct parallel to the Second World War.

What would you do? It is worth noting that nuclear weapons were still a concern into the nineties. Indeed, with America as the leading global power and the Soviet Union collapsed, nuclear proliferation was a hot-button topic. The agreement hoped to convince the Ukraine to give up its nuclear capacity, in return for support from the signatories. The Ukraine reportedly began shipping its warheads back to Russian in March The United States also hoped to prevent South Korea from developing nuclear technology by vowing to protect it using its own weapons of mass destruction.

The United States had ceased testing its nuclear weapons following a moratorium imposed by George H. The last anti-nuclear protest held at the Nevada Testing Grounds was held in two years after the moratorium, inperhaps suggesting that the issue was perhaps slipping from the consciousness of the American public.

A power grab… Dealing with the issue of proliferation, it is not too hard to imagine a Star Trek analogy for attempts to keep nuclear technology out of hands ill-equipped to deal with it.

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In fact, the show would do something similar with The Omega Directive much later in its run. In fact, it comes down quite heavily against the idea of the Starfleet crew presuming to meddle in the affairs of another culture. Ultimately, the polaric explosion is not due to the local population mishandling the advanced technology.

star trek voyager time and again online dating

It is the result of attempts by the crew of Voyager to rescue Janeway and Paris. So Janeway saves the day by preventing the rescue attempt, rather than meddling in the affairs of the local culture. In short, Time and Again is a defence of non-interference in other cultures.

The climax of Caretaker saw Janeway directly interfering in the politics of two less-advanced cultures because she could not justify inaction. Tuvok even drew attention to how saving the Ocampans was a breach of the Prime Directive.

So it seems weird and arbitrary that Time and Again is an episode about how the Prime Directive must absolutely be respected for the greater good of everybody.

If Janeway and Paris went back in time caused the explosion, but they only arrived because they were investigating the explosion that they caused, what attracted them to the planet in the first place to cause the explosion the first time?

The plot tries to hand wave an explanation, in the same way that Parallax did for the distress signal that had not been sent yet.

Time and Again (episode)

There are other issues with Time and Again. The planet itself and the characters inhabiting it are about as generic as they can be. Given that Voyager is meant to be charting a new corner of the galaxy, it feels weird for the show to fall back on human-looking aliens so quickly.

Tom Paris ' bridge shift ends, so he notifies his replacement of Voyager's current course. The ship will be passing by a red dwarf system and Paris cannot determine yet if there are any class M planets.

Star Trek Voyager, Relativity. 1 of 4 Janeway captures Seven of Nine.

He proceeds to the operations console currently manned by Ensign Harry Kim. Paris asks him if he's ready to leave, but Kim can't because he wants to begin a transtator assembly diagnostic.

Paris begins to persuade him to leave; he planned a double date with the Delaney sisters. Kim continues to object to the date, mentioning he has a girlfriend on Earth. Paris then mentions that he told the sisters that Kim broke the single pilot speed record at Starfleet Academywhich was false. Their conversation is interrupted when the ship rocks. Kathryn Janeway and Neelix stumble out of the ready room. At the same time, Keswho is in her quarterssuddenly wakes up from her sleep feeling disturbed.

On the bridge, Tuvok reports that Voyager is on the leading edge of a shock wave. Paris returns to his station and makes some instrument readings. He reports a debris cloud in a red dwarf system that Voyager is approaching.

Tuvok reports that the debris cloud consists of "differentially-charged polaric ions. Voyager's course is modified and they set a course for the red dwarf system. Voyager in orbit of the planet Voyager reaches the planet when Kes arrives on the bridge. She knows something has gone terribly wrong. All vegetation on the planet has been destroyed and Janeway inquires about life signs.

Kim and Kes, at the same time, say "none.

star trek voyager time and again online dating

Voyager enters planetary orbit. An analysis of the planet shows that the radiation is within acceptable levels and the atmosphere is breathable.