Travis and katie start dating fanfiction

Rule Breaker Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

travis and katie start dating fanfiction

When Katie finds out that she's in love with Travis She gets help from friends to start their relationship. Rated: Fiction T - English "Percy truth or dare" "Dare wait no truth" "When was the last time you went on a date with me?. Travis Stoll is frustrated, he still hasn't manage to get Katie Gardner to go . to say, he decided he could just as well get started on phase four. Travis tells off Katie for breaking the rules what will come of it? . In his hands was Katie's prized plant, the one that started this whole mess in.

I look at him and he looks back at me. He tenses and then sniffles as he wipes his eyes. I saw you screaming and crying and say Travis looked at me with a look of fear. I look at him and take a deep breath.

You said that you loved me.

travis and katie start dating fanfiction

You don't love me back I get it so now you know my secret and you can make fun of me or tell Connor so you can get back at me for everything I have ever done to you. I run after him but damn Hermes kids are fast. I ran out of the suite and try to find Travis. Travis's POV Of course she doesn't love me. Why would I ever think that it would work out with us. I am such an idiot. I take another drink of the wine that I swiped from Dionysus. I'm feeling pretty light headed but good.

I see Percy, Jason, and Nico walk by and I quickly duck behind a bush, but it's too late. I turn around and see Jackson, Grace, and di Angelo standing over me with a look of concern. Of course they are concerned they are the perfect boys and I have nothing.

Why aren't you telling Katie how you feel? I choked on the wine as I drank. What you thought it was a secret? Jason nodded "Yep and he made us swear on the Styx that we wont tell anyone or he would hunt us down.

Hell who do you think arranged it so you two were together? What happened did you not tell her that you love her? Well Percy sat down, Jason just kind of floated, and Nico summoned a bunch of bones that knit itself into a chair. Unfortunately, she doesn't like me back. Nico didn't you say she was head over heels for him? They son's of the Big Three nodded and seemed to be having a silent conversation.

I shrugged "She didn't say anything but I know she doesn't like me back I mean how can she I What the actual fuck guys? I looked at him "Really? Are you out here? I looked up and saw her through the bushes looking around for me. Percy and Jason grabbed one of my arms each and Nico melted us into the shadows right in front of Katie. Katie yelped and jumped back.

travis and katie start dating fanfiction

I swear Katie got cheated by Aphrodite from being the goddess of beauty. You like me back? Katie sighed in defeat and pulled me by my collar into a kiss.

Must be pretty powerful, huh? She had a huge zit on the end of her nose, a bad hair day, and a stupid stalker. Travis Xenophon Stoll was having an equally sucky day. His brother, Connor, had hid his clothes, so he was stuck wearing a pair of boxers and that's it, his younger half-sister Sally had stolen his collection of whipped cream, and he had an ex-girlfriend out for revenge.

Katharine prefers to be called Katie. Travis would brutally murder whoever knew his middle name. You may be more familiar with their more common names, Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll. Possibly their 'couple name', Tratie.

Travis has a secret Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

And just because one Aphrodite camper gave them a couple name does not mean they were actually a couple; some people had given Nico Di Angelo goth creeper with severe hatred of Huntresses of Artemis and Thalia Grace punk Huntress of Artemis and sworn virgin a couple name. Anyway, Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll were having a bad day. Travis was condemned to walk around in a pair of pink boxers all day.

I mean, who would do that to their own brother? Well, I did, but that's not the point. And the Aphrodite girls would not grant Katie the beauty products necessary for the removal of the giant zit and the bad hair day. Who was more angry-Travis, because I kidnapped all the spare clothing in the Hermes cabin, except for Lucy Heiger's princess dress which is too small for her and she's sixor Katie, for massive problems that any normal teen has to deal with? I kicked Connor off here because so Travis had to prance around in his boxers all day.

He does that normally. Clearly, Connor has never dealt with the problems of a woman. Not to mention, she was being stalked. As every daughter of Aphrodite knows, stalking is not something to be taken lightly. Not even if the person's hot. Okay, maybe if he's, like, Edward Cullen-hot, but other than that, no way.

But back to Katie's stalker. It was not Travis Stoll-thank Aphrodite, because he and Katie are so cute together and he's not nearly Edward Cullen-hot.

It was actually that dude from the Hephaestus cabin, Christopher Wiggin, who isn't even as cute as Jacob. Travis' and Connors brother Chris Rodriguez, the only one who knew about their college plans, who was sitting beside them pursed his lips. Travis caught it and he as well as Connor raised an eyebrow at his brother.

If you really need help then you could read it. Connor began to grin, while Travis shook his head. This kind of magazine articles are for desperate and depressed guys who never get a girlfriend!

I'm going to meet Clarrise. See 'ya later guys! Travis was desperate and depressedbut he could've gotten himself a girlfriend immediately. It was one to two so Travis decided that it wouldn't hurt him to take a look at the magazine. He took it, turned to the relationship guide page and began to read. He found two articles — 'If it wasn't love at first sight' — and — 'How to get a date with your crush'. Travis walked over to a table in his cabin and grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper.

After an hour he finally had written down the main things to get his 'dream date' with Katie. How I get Katie to go on a date with me 1. Compliment her Beautiful eyes, wonderful hair, etc Look into her eyes until she looks away 4. Make her jealous 5. The next morning Travis walked over to the strawberry fields where Katie and her siblings were watering the plants. He practically ran over to her. Katie must had heard him 'cause he had not exactly been very quiet, but apparently something was really interesting about the strawberry plant in front of her, 'cause she didn't pull her gaze away from it when Travis ran up next to her.

Katie didn't look at him.

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She still looked at the damn strawberry plant and ignored him! Gardner, I am talking to you! It seemed like she really hadn't known that he had meant her. What makes you think so? Now it was Katies turn to roll her eyes. I have a name, you know?! I do not know Katie shook her head. Travis ran his fingers through his hair This wasn't going in the direction he had expected Were the nicknames bad?

Should I have called you something else? What do you think 'bout Baby How cheesy this sounds Do not ever give me a nickname! I can't stand it! Now Travis was officially frustrated.

travis and katie start dating fanfiction

She wrinkled her nose. I AM different'', she said and turned around to walk away. A small smile crawled up her lips. Travis persuaded himself that Phase 1 had only failed because he hadn't been really prepared. This time he had planned exactly what he was going to say to her: Hey Katie, Is your outfit new?

It looks awesome and suits you perfectly.