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Hakeem begins dating a beautiful girl from Hamilton High named Geneva, but Moesha soon misses his constant But Moesha's guilty conscience leads her to try to repair the damage. Did You Know? Getting Started | Contributor Zone» . Haley's friends." At the Jammy, Moesha finds Q, but they both agree to just be friends. But when she starts to show an interest in Hakeem, he lies about his age. Moesha and Dee Dee can't seem to remember her first date with Frank. 49, 11, "Break It Moesha still has feelings for Q as he does for her. Confused about. OMG! The cast of Moesha had a year reunion on the talk show The Real on Friday. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. . Lamont Bentley, who played Hakeem, died in a car crash in at age Jim Carrey Is Dating Kidding Co-Star Ginger Gonzaga.

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And as I watched the show the second time around, I was waiting to clown him for his subpar acting skills and general lameness. And actually, when things got emotional, as Frank decided to ship him off to boot camp and he begged to stay, claiming he was going to do better, I was touched. Charles, pictured above, himself and Dorian.

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Her comedic timing is impressive, even today. But he filled the void Kim left when she left in season 6. Like his predecessor, he brought plenty of unexpected laughs. Niecy was a shady friend I was watching the episodes out of order and saw that by the time Niecy and Moesha were in college there was some type of beef between the former friends. But once I went back and watched, I saw that after Niecy had an unexpected break up and Hakeem was upset because Mo was running around with Q, just as friends.

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Well, what I noticed watching Moesha is that when musical guests came through, they usually got to perform whole verses or the entire song on the show. But watching the season, the second time around, I saw that Boy II Men popped up for a concert when Moesha was in college. Though the group and Moesha were only on screen together for a very hot second, I still wonder was this before or after their relationship had ended and if it was odd being on set with your current or former boo thang.

Mitchell The girl who played Moesha is Brandy Norwood. Question by author honeycheeks Leimert Park If you know Los Angeles well, you know that this area is highly populated by middle-class African Americans and is located by Crenshaw Blvd. I used to live over there when I was a teenager as well. Question by author ULikeIt Mitchell 6 Why is Moesha upset when she doesn't get picked to be a cheerleader but Kim does?

Moesha is jealous that Kim won't be just her cheerleader anymore. Moesha is feeling that Kim isn't going to be just her cheerleader anymore. Hakeem says, "Moesha you're jealous that Kim is getting a little spotlight and isn't just your cheerleader anymore". Crenshaw High Moesha went to Crenshaw during the first two seasons, then she went to Bridgewood.

She went to Bridgewood during the third season then returned to Crenshaw during the fourth season. Saturn After Moesha turned 16, her dad brought her a brand new Saturn.

However, he had to take it back since Moesha wanted a Jeep. She later realized that she made a mistake, since she couldn't afford a Jeep, and ended up having to drive a horrible looking, always breaking down, grey vehicle. Myles 11 Why do Mo, Kim, and Niecey make a list of their own? The guys make one that talks about the girls' bodies.

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The list the boys make hurts the girls' feelings when they talked about their body parts so the girls make a list to get back at them. Cheerleading This is my all time favorite episode. Moesha was jealous of Kim for making the team, but in the end she realized that she needed to be more supportive for her friend.