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baby boomer dating sites

This blog is part of my special series Baby Boomer Dating Tips. In addition to subscribing to a large site like Match, eHarmony or PlentyofFish. Ken is a boomer dating coach, author, columnist, and voice actor. The decision Professional Blogger / Realtor / Baby Boomer Advocate / Owner 7 Serious. As Baby Boomers increasingly turn to the Internet for dating, Newsmax compiled a list of the top 50 dating websites for older singles.

baby boomer dating sites

I just met another amazing guy. This one actually was suggested by Match. He called me and we had a fabulous conversation.

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He was so easy to talkseemed honest and sincere. I asked some pretty blunt questions that he happily answered in good detail. He created a business and sold it in because he had plenty of money and wanted to do something else. On the other hand, Bill, the writer, is coming out this afternoon.

We are going to the beach. Bill says that he has written a poem for me. Here are six baby boomer dating tips to help you succeed. Baby Boomer Dating Tip 1. Take care of you.

Newsmax List: Top 50 Dating Websites for Baby Boomers

For the outer and inner you, start a regular exercise program. It is definitely the fountain of youth. Give yourself a makeover so that you look great in your own eyes.

Get that trendy haircut, go shopping, try out those clothes that your friend wears that give him or her a sexy, attractive or powerful look. Baby Boomer Dating Tip 2. Then put out the word in your network that you are ready to date. Baby Boomer Dating Tip 3. Go where the singles go.

baby boomer dating sites

Go where the opposite sex or same sex, if you prefer is. If you like what you see, smile, make eye contact, give a sincere compliment or ask for some help. Meeting people online is essential because it gives you a sense of the wide variety of singles that are out there right now.

Baby Boomer Dating

About 40 million singles are dating online in the U. You can partake of this smorgasbord of possibilities right there at your computer.

Baby Boomer Dating Tips for Successful Dating

Spend the time and work two sites. And for the best online baby boomer dating tips be sure to sign up for my free newsletter.

A recent one featured a two part series on secrets of online dating success for over 40s and 50s. Baby Boomer Dating Tip 5. Put some time into it. Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their dating lives.

And they get great vacations and little-to-no love life! So if you want to date, get out your calendar and set aside 8 to 10 hours per week to spend on going to courses, working your online dating program and actually going out on dates.

baby boomer dating sites

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baby boomer dating sites

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baby boomer dating sites

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