Nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

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nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

American Professor Randy Pausch famously said, “When there's an elephant in the room, introduce it.” So let's talk about Nouman Ali Khan. Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights, Videos Topics: Family, Marriage. Marriage & Dating - Talk Show - Nouman Ali Khan, Omar Suleiman, Abdul. Download Brother Nouman Ali Khan's lectures on different topics in MP3 format. Date uploaded · Category . The Rights And Responsibilities of Marriage.

Many people hearts were broken on that moment. Marriage is meant to be a public celebration that protects your rights.

nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

For sure, they would lose respect in me, and they have every right to do that. Many would feel betrayed and angry, hurt and confused… Yet, in this whirlwind of emotions, ask yourself: Does my status alter the basics of theology — basics that I might have preached and taught these people? May Allah conceal and forgive my faults, dear brothers and sisters, but if you ever discover my sins, feel free to cut me back down to my true level, as you should have done from day one.

I give you full license to be angry at me, disgusted with me, boycott me if I so deserve. Tragically, people follow people. They forgot that the person they are following with their hearts, at first, his a human and every human make mistakes.

nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

Two years ago, I also heard the news that Nouman Ali Khan got married to his Al-bainnah secretary two weeks after his divorce. I also heard that all Imam comity tried to stop Nouman Ali Khan. Then he broke his agreement and he gave some speeches. After his speeches, this temporary married issue about him become viral.

Family Matters

Off course Nouman Ali Khan denies everything. However, in his Facebook post he admits that he was not allowed to give any other speech and he broke his agreement. On the other hand, those accusing him are also respected and trusted in the Muslim community. Do not call people names. Do not invoke the wrath of Allah or curse those who you believe to be falsely accusing Nouman Ali Khan. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Verily, when a servant curses something, the curse rises to the heaven and the gates of heaven close upon it.

It turns right and left and if it does not find somewhere to go, it will return to that which was cursed only if it deserved to be curse, otherwise the curse will return to the one who made it.

Sunan Abu DawudGrade: In cursing Omer Muzaffar and those who agree with him, you are taking a serious risk. Remember- if the person you are cursing is not truly deserving of it — it will return to you instead. Be patient and fear Allah. Trust that in the end, as Allah says in Surah Isra ayah 81, that falsehood is bound to perish — whether you leave angry comments or not.

Seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan and do not act — or update your status — in anger. You are not his ex wife or his children. You are not his colleagues at Bayyinah. You are not his friends or his family members. You are neither the defense nor the prosecution. You have zero first-hand knowledge of the situation at all. If you choose to decide that he is innocent because you love him and no amount of evidence will convince you otherwise, then take a step back and examine the religious devotion you are feeling.

Remember that no one except Allah is perfect. Do not be shocked at the suggestion that a religious personality could be accused of irreligious behavior. That sort of incredulity and disbelief is what shames real victims and discourages them from seeking justice.

After all, Shaytaan goes out of his way to take down the righteous. The closer you get to Allah, the more likely Shaytaan will try to drag you down. Islam is with Allah, and Islam is not the sole domain of any one Muslim. Islam is not hurt by the sins of a scholar any more than it is hurt by the sins of an apostate.

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Those with adab and knowledge stayed silent on the matter, and Allah caused the truth to be revealed. Do not curse, not even those you believe to be wronging Nouman Ali Khan. Not even the Prophet would do that to the people wronging him. I was sent as a mercy. Remember that because you have no first-hand knowledge of what has happened, you have no right to comment on his innocence. Or, for that matter, his guilt.

nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

If you do believe he is guilty though… If you do believe he is guilty of what he has been accused of, then take a moment to ask yourself this: If you committed zina, or cheated on your spouse, or had an inappropriate conversation with someone in privacy, did you benefit in any way from a public skewering?

Or did Allah hide your sins and allow you to repent from them? If you are convinced of his guilt and find yourself seeking out more details, answer this: Do you need to read every message and study every picture?

You and the millions of Muslims — literally, millions — following this story are equally irrelevant regardless of whether you presume his guilt or not. While this story has entered the public sphere, at its heart this is still a private matter. There are faces and broken hearts behind the names. There are families who will have to pick up pieces and rebuild their lives long after your curiosity has been satiated.

Not to create hatred or entertainment within the Muslim community. That it is currently doing both is a poor indicator of our restraint as a community. Do not, however, stop or discourage others from doing so.

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Allah commanded us to encourage good and forbid evil, and while you may not want to use Bayyinah books or watch Bayyinah lectures that is your choice. The people who work at Bayyinah are not complicit in his sins simply because they are his employees. The students at Bayyinah are not complicit in his sins because they are his students. Considering that all teachers and scholars too are human, and that all humans are sinful, you would be dead before you found that perfect person to learn from.

If you found them inspiring before, one would hope it was due to your faith in Allah and independent of any faith in Nouman Ali Khan. Do not lose faith in Islam. Islam is the religion of Allah, sent down by angels, transmitted by messengers and then bumbled-through by Muslims who sin night and day. Allah tells us so, literally- O My servants, you sin by night and by day, and I forgive all sins, so seek forgiveness of Me and I shall forgive you.

Still though, if you believe Nouman Ali Khan is guilty, you could choose not to watch his lectures anymore. Or you could watch them anyway knowing full well that every daee caller is a sinner, every last one of them, because it is equally as ridiculous to see all scholars as perfect as it is to see all scholars as angels. A balanced view is that all scholars are all fallible.

nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

It is fitting and bittersweet then, to recognize that perhaps the only real difference between preachers you love and preachers you hate is whether their sins are private or not. But do not use Nouman Ali Khan as an excuse to disparage all preachers.

nouman ali khan marriage dating sites

Or to disparage all male scholars. Or to disparage all men.