Clients connecticut dating

clients connecticut dating

These Connecticut Dating reviews include details like cost, customer complaints/ praise, and a glimpse at their matchmaking process, so you can decide if this is. Connecticut Dating consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. Customer service contacts and company information. The Face-to-Face experience: As an IJL client, we guarantee you will go out on dates. Face to face dates. Real dates. Because that's the only way to tell if there's .

clients connecticut dating

Or, you can save that level of detail for when she calls you. All the important details are discussed in person during the sales pitch, like how much a Connecticut Dating membership will cost, what your package options are, and what their refund policy is.

clients connecticut dating

On that note, what have real customers written about their Connecticut Dating experience? Keep reading for Connecticut Dating reviews from real clients, and learn about another modern matchmaking service that could turn out to be the perfect way to finally meet your soulmate. There are also 3 negative BBB reviewsbut no positive or neutral ones.

Despite that, the company has a solid B rating. The negative reviews included complaints about the quality of the matches and the lack of details in the member profiles: On YelpConnecticut Dating has a 1-star rating, based on a single review.

In it, the client said he had attempted to cancel his membership by following the procedure outlined in the contract, but had yet to receive his refund: On RipOff Reporta client described the high-pressure, emotional sales pitch she experienced, and also felt the service promised was not what was delivered: The No-Risk Way To Meet High Quality Connecticut Singles If the thought of combining a lack of positive reviews with a lengthy contract gives you pause, maybe you should consider a matchmaking service that allows you to pay by the month?

Instead, you can pay each month, with the flexibility to start or stop the search whenever you want to! We are not a cheap service, nor do we wish to be.

There are plenty of cheap services out there. You get what you pay for. Most people come to us after wasting time with cheap services. I do not understand how Ms. She also could have canceled within 3 business days for a full refund, yet did not. We have people who choose to join nearly every day.

Connecticut Dating Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

We have people who choose not to join many days as well. They are free to do as they please. Do our salespeople try hard?

clients connecticut dating

Of course they do. We have hundreds of success stories from Clients who thanked us for being persistent. We offer additional services such as coaching and image consulting, not to "hook people in", but to increase their chances of success.

Many singles don't have a clue as to why they are single. Many do not know how to conduct themselves in order to attract a person they like. Many talk negative on dates. Many dwell on their ex-partners. Many even criticize our program We are actually in the process of adding more coaching to the process because we have pound that those of our Clients who opt for coaching almost always succeed. We do not have "phone techs". Many management personnel have reached out to Ms.

clients connecticut dating

Both Kerry whom Ms. We pride ourselves on responding promptly to our Clients. We employ over 20 matchmakers and supervisors in our Client services division. We make a point of having a better matchmaker to Client ratio than any of our competitors. Here is an excerpt from her first match: He told me he only has had 3 actual girlfriends and the longest was a year.

I am not sure we really had much in common he seems more of a risk taker, hence the sky-diving. He was in sales for a living so he knows how to talk to people and entertain. He goes out all the time for business so I think he might like a girl who wants to stay at home and watch a movie on the couch.

I have a desk job, accounting and am in front of a computer all day so I look forward to going out as I am at home mostly or at the gym. I got more of a friend type of vibe from him. I think I might have had more in common with his brothers. Looks wise, not really my type.

He did say he has to watch what he eats because he diets and mentioned he has some health concerns. I would be surprised if he asked me on a second date. Hopefully you can find someone a little more similar to my profile that I can go out with and have fun.

Connecticut Dating Reviews – Should You Hire Them?

Connecticut Dating only takes Clients whose goal is long-term. We do not allow casual daters to join. We do not hold grudges at Connecticut Dating or any of our other affiliates. We are used to the fact that many of our Clients are not happy with us until we find them that special person…then they love us.

Those who quit early lose out. Always maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Treat all clients and staff with respect and kindness. You MUST meet everyone face-to-face. Provide feedback with every referral given. Connecticut Dating will match you with people they feel you are compatible with while keeping your preferences in mind.

Connecticut Dating | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Dating is a numbers game which requires that you meet many people, and that naturally you will not love every person you meet. I agree to not ask my match for photos or any additional personal information prior to meeting them in person.

She also signed the form which states that she understood that the ONLY way she can be successful with her program is to fulfill ALL obligations and expectations as listed above.

clients connecticut dating

She understood that should she disregard an obligation or expectation, she could not expect the program to be successful in helping her meet or achieve the goals of meeting someone special. If a problem does arise with her program, she agreed not to go to any outside agency before trying to work out the complaint or problem with Connecticut Dating.

She agreed to talk with Client Services or a Relationship Coach and if we could not correct the problem, she agreed to let Client Services set up a phone meeting with a senior member of the Client Resolution Team to explain her complaint and let the Client Resolution Team try to resolve the complaint to her satisfaction.

We have clearly done nothing wrong here. We have tried hard to satisfy Ms. We hate when someone tries to leverage us into a refund by Revdex. In paragraph 5 of Ms. We are willing to either abide by the letter of the contract or give Ms. We persist because we have had Clients who have complained to the Revdex.

We never give up first.