Dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

10 signs your long-distance relationship will last . When you are dating someone who lives hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from. If anybody asked me whether they should get into a long-distance relationship, I'd tell them to call it a wrap and move onto the next one. Sure. Q: So a girl has a boyfriend back home and she's too good a person with high morals to cheat. How does one slide in and steal the girl? A: High.

After all, she did stop things before they really went anywhere. She does, however, seem interested. I'd like to remain an option for her but don't get me wrong I'll take another option if one comes along. Do you want a girl that is a cheater? At some point you could be the BF and she will make the move on some other guy.

I said it before, but I'll say it again There is this potential with anyone. Is it really reasonable to restrict yourself just for that reason?

If I found out she had a long history of cheating, things would be different, but at this point I have no reason to assume the worst of her. At the moment, you don't really know this girl: This is very true, and it is a large part of the reason I'd like to spend more time with her. I'm not saying I'd still be interested after knowing her better, but right now I am. If you do like her and want to see if the situation has any potential, I would meet up with her but I'd use that occasion to define your boundaries.

Personally, I'd explain that you like her but you won't let it go any further while she's still attached. Then go away and try and minimise contact.

dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

Don't add her on FB for now for all the best reasons: It is a delicate situation but can be handled with decency, in my opinion. Please try not to cheat with her though if you have any faith or interest in having a relationship as it will permanently tarnish things in the future. I do like her, and definitely would like to see if the situation has any potential. I respect what you're saying, and it largely mirrors my feelings.

However, I have added her as a friend on Facebook, but only because it as the only way to regain contact I wasn't sure if I'd ever see her again otherwise.

Q: How Do You Steal the Girl with a Long-Distance Boyfriend?

I'm not terribly worried about that, however, because she was going to add me if she found me, and I wouldn't have denied the request. Then this past weekend a few of our coworkers decided to go out to eat for dinner and meet up around 7pm.

She asked me if I was going. So that evening she hit me up telling me she was about to leave and I told her I'm going. I texted and told her I will pick her up pm. I waited on her response before I decided to leave. Then 10 minutes go by she responds back.

dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

I told her I'm on my way pm. I picked her up around pm.

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She get's into the car all pissed off complaining about she doesn't like to be late. So we get there and i parked. She gets out the car walking without waiting for me storming to the restaurant.

While in the restaurant we did not say a word to each other.

Q: How Do You Steal the Girl with a Long-Distance Boyfriend?

Then we all decided to go to my friends bar to shoot pool. It was that awkward moment again.

dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

We were shooting but she is not talking to me. Then the rest of the night we did not speak to each other. So when we got in my car to go home I asked her what's wrong.

dating a girl with long distance boyfriend

She tells me that she doesn't want to talk to my right now. I was like cool and left it alone. So a couple days later this past Sunday she told my friend when they were out eating that she was pissed with me.

He asked her why? She said because she doesn't like to be late for anything and i had her waiting. He asked her didn't you both get there at pm?

Mixed messages from a woman with a long distance relationship. What should I do?

Didn't you both beat everyone else there? She claimed I was driving like a bat out of hell which was a lie. I asked all the people that know us male and female for their opinion about the situation.

They are wondering why she is acting is petty when I did nothing wrong. So days go by and we haven't said a word at work.