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The American Foundation for the Blind estimates that 10 million people in If your doctor determines that you have an eye condition that is likely to cause visual impairment, many treatments are available. Date reviewed: September and now she wants to break down the stigma of dating blind people. completely blind because of incontinentia pigmenti, a rare condition. Most blind people with no perception of light, however, experience continual .. To date, we have studied 67 blind adults (aged 17 to 74 years; 48 males.

Now knowing that Anne wasn't going to leave me in that home for the blind, our relationship began anew. Things were a bit different now, but we were dating again. It was as if we were a new couple altogether, and we had to learn new ways to go about this.

Interestingly, it would appear that many folks in the general public seem to think that if a person is visually impaired, they must also be hearing impaired and incapable of communication. Yes, it is true; folks will often not talk to me even if it is clear that I am the one footing the bill. First of all how do you find what restaurants are out there? A visually impaired person doesn't have the advantage of driving or walking by the new and wonderful eateries and making a mental note for the next date.

Also, a visually impaired person must find new ways to stay in the loop on the latest movies and other entertainment options. The plans are left up to the sighted person which creates the I-don't- care-whatever-you-want conversation which is a different story altogether. More authority is granted to the sighted, and less authority is given to the blind.

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The server will not address me directly and will even ask my date what I would like to eat or drink. Even when I give the money for the bill, the change or receipt will be returned to my sighted date. After a while, one will give up trying to be noticed, but I digress and again, this is a different story. In any case, after the dinner is completed, and I am guided out of the restaurant, we then head off to a movie. I have no interest in sitting through because it has no audio description and has very little dialogue and a great deal of action.

I am ignored by employees, and have to step aside for my date to purchase the tickets and snacks at the concession counter.

Low Vision News The Most Common Problems For People With Low Vision Trouble reading is the most commonly reported problem of people with low vision, regardless of the underlying cause of their vision loss, according to a study. The Low Vision Rehabilitation Outcomes Study recruited patients seeking low vision services at 28 clinical centers in the United States.

Before their appointment, new patients were asked, "What are your chief complaints about your vision? Other functional difficulties included driving The likelihood of reading difficulties increased mildly with age but did not differ significantly with changes in visual acuity.

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Women were more likely to report difficulty with in-home activities, facial recognition and social interactions, whereas men were more likely to report trouble driving and difficulties related to lighting. Mobility concerns, defined as difficulty walking and performing away-from-home activities, showed no relationship to gender, age or visual acuity.

The study authors concluded that since difficulty reading was the most common complaint, reading rehabilitation should be a cornerstone of low vision care. A few easy adjustments to the living areas of a person with low vision can improve visibility and reduce the risk of a fall: Make sure their home is well lit, with high-wattage light bulbs and additional lamps or task lighting. The kitchen, bathroom and work areas all should be fully and evenly illuminated.

Remove unnecessary household clutter. Offer to help with organizing important items and packing up others.

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Create a list of important phone numbers in large print on bold-lined paper. Include doctors, transportation and emergency contacts, and put the list in a convenient place. Mark stairs or slopes with brightly colored tape. Eye-catching colors that contrast with the flooring work best.

They haven't lost their sight completely but have lost enough vision that they'd have to stand 20 feet from an object to see it as well as someone with perfect vision could from feet away.

What Causes Visual Impairment? People rarely lose their eyesight during their teen years. When they do, it's usually caused by an injury like getting hit in the eye or head with a baseball or having an automobile or motorcycle accident.

Some babies have congenital blindness, which means they are visually impaired at birth. Conditions that may cause vision loss after birth include: Some conditions cause a child's eyes to send different messages to the brain for example, one eye might focus better than the other.

The brain may then turn off or suppress images from the weaker eye and vision from that eye then stops developing normally. This is also known as a "lazy eye.

Cataracts are cloudy areas in part or all of the lens of the eye. In people without cataracts, the lens is crystal clear and allows light to pass through and focus on the retina. Cataracts prevent light from easily passing through the lens, and this causes loss of vision.

Cataracts often form slowly and usually affect people in their 60s and 70s, but sometimes babies are born with congenital cataracts. Symptoms include double vision, cloudy or blurry vision, difficulty seeing in poorly lit spaces, and colors that seem faded.

People with retinopathy may not have any problems seeing at first.

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But if the condition gets worse, they can become blind. Teens who have diabetes should be sure to get regular eye exams because there are no early warning signs for this condition. To help prevent retinopathy, people with diabetes should also avoid smoking, keep their blood pressure under control, and keep their blood sugar at an even level. Glaucoma is an increase in pressure inside the eye. The increased pressure impairs vision by damaging the optic nerve. Glaucoma is mostly seen in older adults, although babies may be born with the condition and children and teens can sometimes develop it as well.