Fashion giovanna battaglia dating

Meet Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, the woman with the wardrobe everyone wants

fashion giovanna battaglia dating

Fashion muse Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is a shop assistant's dream. "I watched the Burberry show through Instagram, and the next day I. Street Style, New York Fashion Week: 40 Stunning Shots From Outside the Spring Shows. By Renée Tse. Date September 13, A street- style phenomenon, designer muse and a fashion editor for W and Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, 38, grew up in a creative hothouse. . Keep up to date with all the Fashion & Beauty news, click here to subscribe to.

I'm just saying that in my world, I think that being cool is a bore and being fun is more glamorous!

fashion giovanna battaglia dating

At the end of the day, fashion is us changing costumes, it's the things we put on our bodies to have a good time.

To watch a girl who cannot walk in high heels, and see her suffering. It's meant to be fun. Being fun is not necessarily me being a clown all the time, but I can't be the one who takes myself super seriously, and says: Now, she divides her time between New York, Stockholm and, just lately, the English countryside with her husband, Oscar Engelbert, a Swedish real-estate mogul.

Who is Giovanna Battaglia

The pair married last year in a ceremony that spanned days, countries, and multiple dress changes. First, a Valentino gown for a small ceremony in Sweden, then Alaia to welcome guests to Capri the night before the wedding.

fashion giovanna battaglia dating

I think each one of them was built for that purpose. I love fashion so much, it was a natural decision to have many changes. If I could have kept the big McQueen dress through the dinner, I probably would have done it. It's just that I would have had to have had 50 fewer guests to make room for the dress, so I went for the guests instead. So, I soon learned that there is no problem, only a solution. It was like a constant fashion emergency!

Her career took off. That, and the confluence of the social media uprising, meant that it was only a matter of time before Giovanna became Bat Gio Global Street Style Superstar. It was flattering and fun, but also a bit of a shock that all anybody wanted to know about was what I was wearing!

Meet Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, the woman with the wardrobe everyone wants

The fashion doyenne never singled out Giovanna personally — a true fashion professional as opposed to the army of upstart bloggers who were merely turning up in ever more outrageous outfits for the sole purpose of being photographed — but the article caught the mood of the moment and unsettled even her: I never wore black my whole life. Why should I limit myself? These kids, they make all their money taking pictures during the shows and they have to survive for the next six months!

With not one but five fabulous bespoke designer dresses: Most expensive dresses in history Her joie de vivre knows no bounds. It can be really sad and tough, everyone has their problems and tragedies even, so I think I use fashion as a thing to escape.

On our shoot, the proposed six shots turns into 12 — her idea — and, boy, does she work it. But as she always tells herself: Like, there is no option, plan B does not exist.