Intj estp dating an infj

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intj estp dating an infj

Sensitive INFJ. Emotionless INTJ. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Let's look at some of the dynamics at play in an INTJ INFJ relationship. At first glance, ESTPs and INFJs would seem like a terrible match. After all . In an INFJ/ESTP relationship this can be a real problem. INFJs. INFJ. You're too private. While your natural tendency of not talking about ESTP. You put your partner last. Literally, last. Like behind the lady in line INTJ. You test people. Because this type holds such a fear of wasting time.

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There is an element of self-sacrifice to them that if they care about you, they will try to patch things up - as logically and quickly and possibly insincerely as possible assuming sincerity is dependent on sustained commitment to make a change.

It's more of a "Hey, I knew you were mad so I bought something from the store for you. Your forgiveness is a license to let me do exactly what I did that pissed you off in the first place again.

I thought you were over it! They don't change their behavior, you change your opinion or get out. You can talk to an ESTJ and get somewhere with them. They'll try to honor your feelings, even if they don't understand. ESTP's demand that you honor their quirks, their emotions, their bad habits, but will lecture you about yours, and demand you tread on ice around their whims. To them, emotions just appear and need to be satisfied right away.

intj estp dating an infj

They simply "feel" and "pursue" their own emotions without reflection or consideration. My favorite thinking type. Also enjoy fun activities, loyal, have your back.

Tendency to completely disregard emotions when in debates or discussions — and this is coming from someone who often values logic above most everything else. Often critical to a fault. Would be interesting, but leaning towards know. Appreciate the little things in life. Really loved how much my ex-cared about her family despite them being fairly dysfunctional and not giving anything back in return. My close guy friend has my back no matter what and often gives way more than he should.

Great listeners and will help you out any way they can. Amazing memory, and, unlike ISTJs, often focused on nostalgic, happy times.

Very forgiving people if you are genuinely sorry about something. I feel that they are perpetually stressed individuals, even healthy ones.

Here’s Why No One Wants To Date You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Senior coworker, close friend Pros: Their dry sense of humor and hilarious metaphors always make me laugh. Offer an interesting perspective on some things. Hold themselves to a higher standard than perhaps any type.

Funny, shrewd, extremely skilled in finding possibilities in everything — especially useful in business. Good conversationalists and offer interesting insight. Contradict themselves every other sentence. Talk around stuff instead of addressing it. Can be extremely sleazy, emotionally immature, and in my opinion the least trustworthy of all types. Had a fun time with the girl though. This would be disastrous.

Insightful, head always full of ideas, courteous. Like ESTPs, love using that Ti for talking about theories at a high level without needing to discuss the exact details. Open to challenge and exploring the meaning behind something. Really enjoy talking with INTPs and always find my relationship with them satisfying.

Scatterbrained, disorganized, gets obsessed with a random idea, only to find the amount of attention to detail is a bit more than they expected. Probably does not give nearly as much in relationships as their significant other. Love how tune they are with their emotions inwardly, yet appreciate purely logical discussions. Idealistic to a fault.

intj estp dating an infj

Can become cold and defensive when challenged. Need to be appreciated.

intj estp dating an infj

Good match IMO — have found that each type really appreciates and truly understands the other. I dated the INFJ girl during a tough part in my life, and she had the tendency to see exactly what I needed before I could figure it out myself. Super caring, creative beyond belief, a sweet, innocent soul. Found the type is surprisingly intellectual for an NF who allegedly sits at home reading books about unicorns all day. Almost everything about INFJs make me smile. Also idealistic to a fault.

Very, very, stubborn with certain views — especially ones about themselves. The INFJ door slam is real and non-negotiable.

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Except when they turn to their shadow functions and drunk text you, but I digress. Current girlfriend, good guy friend, girl I had a short fling with I kept in contact with for awhile: I find ENFPs fascinating. On one hand, you see a gregarious, larger than life person cracking jokes and bringing everyone out of their shells, and on the other side — pure mystery best I could do, INFJ readers.

The way they speak to you, look at you, and physically show their love makes you feel like the most loved person in the world. They constantly need to be brought down to Earth, as the might actually be living in the future.

intj estp dating an infj

Can be bitter towards people - especially if someone is wronging either them or someone else they care about. Tendency to get offended easily, also knows how to hit you where it hurts.