Mtv dating show room raiders with zac

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mtv dating show room raiders with zac

Lauryn Harsley. This show is about 3 contestants who have their rooms inspected by a guy. Whomevers room he thinks he likes the best gets to go on a date with him. Watch: Zac Efron's Hilarious Episode Of 'Room Raiders' 23 March . show. Huh? Presumably they answered a casting call for it on MTV's website. Zac Efron's pre-Disney Channel days. Photo credit: MTV / Getty. More Zac was on Room Raiders - the dating show where someone has to. A year-old Zac Efron likes your handcuffs, because is shows him on an episode of Room Raiders, that "dating/reality" series from MTV that.

mtv dating show room raiders with zac

Just admit you wanted to show off your abs and stop pretending to be shocked that this is happening. Zac Efron was there Alright, this was one time but he still showed up and he is a person of note, in fairness.

mtv dating show room raiders with zac

Zac appeared in the show's third season where he he had to raid three girls' rooms and figured out who he wanted to go on a date with.

Efron found things like a diary, a messy wardrobe, and a pair of red high heels. Wasn't exactly the most interesting episode of all time.

Remembering MTV's Room Raiders: 7 things that always happened on the weirdest dating show going

A gal was super shocked when someone went through her underwear drawer Madness! Who could have ever predicted this? Listen hun, you're a girl, he's a lad who wants to root through your stuff on a TV show - he's going to go straight for the underwear drawer. It was always going to happen. Someone would just find something really, really strange Like an engagement ring.

mtv dating show room raiders with zac

Or a framed collection of stock images. Or a genuine half eaten jaw breaker that someone just had sat on their desk for no apparent reason. It's surprising when rooms are noticeably dirty, or have embarrassing stuff in them; wouldn't you have cleaned up if you were going to participate in such a show?

Related to this, supposedly they don't know that participating means that their room will be searched by their would-be suitors - um, that's the name of the show. Spposedly they don't know when they'll be grabbed out of their rooms by the show's staff, and taken to a van where they'll watch their room being searched. Well, the show must know when people are going to be at home and when they won't be required to leave for a job or class, etc.

mtv dating show room raiders with zac

That would seem to indicate that the participants told the show when they're free, and thus they must have some idea when they might be seized. I'm not so much surprised by this next things, but more disappointed in people. A great many of the participants are really judgmental.

mtv dating show room raiders with zac

However, more often than not the deal breakers are collections, or articles of clothing, or CDs, or certain sports, or schools, and who could really care so much about those? Must people necessarily share every taste? Searchers also overly extrapolate from individual items. For example, a magazine on Progressive Farming, supposedly means the person is a farmer, and the searcher doesn't like farmers.

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But an item like that could belong to a friend, or have just one article of interest, or be related to a class or internship, or any number of other things. And if the person is a farmer, well, so what? Where would we be without them? They also overly extrapolate from the absence of things.