National numeracy review report dating

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national numeracy review report dating

Report. Subjects. Numeracy. Date or Place. Australia. Summary. Undertaken by a panel of experts led by Professor Gordon Stanley, this review. MAIN FINDINGS OF REPORTS REGARDING LITERACY. .. adults in literacy and numeracy that can inform the interim review currently taking place of Literacy and Numeracy for Learning .. the scheduled target date of • The results. ii | National Numeracy Review Report. ISBN: 0 7 identified to date involves research with primary teachers. Mathematical knowledge for.

National Numeracy Review report, May 2008

The rows preceded with an E represent data from schools teaching mathematics through the medium of English to all pupils. Motivation and Standards Section F aimed to make a comparative analysis of the degree to which headteachers believed teacher and pupil motivation, the quality of teaching, and attainment in numeracy had changed over the last three years.

The responses are detailed in Table III below. The first question in this section was concerned with assessment and is not reported here. The rows preceded with an E represent data from schools in Wales teaching mathematics through the medium of English to all pupils.

It is hoped that it will be possible to publish more detailed analysis and reflection concerning this and additional data during coming months. The headteacher questionnaire has been followed up by a number of interviews with headteachers and LEA numeracy advisors but a great deal of further research could usefully be undertaken.

national numeracy review report dating

The main messages emerging from the data presented here would appear to be that: In particular, adopting the NNS in Wales as in England or developing a numeracy strategy at an all Wales level are options favoured by significant minorities. Some have argued that the principles which underpin the NNS are firmly supported by the research evidence from both here and abroad Reynolds and Muijs, Others are not as convinced Hughes, Brown et al, Thompson, and the notion that teachers in England should be expected to take on board particular teaching methods is clearly contentious Davis, The key comparative issue in relation to these parallel numeracy initiatives would appear to be the relative short and long term effects of policies based on either central direction or local initiative.

They go on, however, to raise important concerns about the possible longer term impact of a strategy based on central prescription: Such compliance bodes well for implementing the Strategies now and in the near future, but will the government retain the energy and resources needed several years from now to continually update materials, improve on prescribed practices and train new teachers? They go on to suggest that: This seems an unlikely long-term direction and one that might paradoxically result in a culture of dependence at the local level that could reduce the sense of professional autonomy, spirit of enterprise and responsibility for continuously seeking ways of improving professional practice.

If, as the evidence presented here suggests, the short term impact of these parallel numeracy initiatives are comparable, in at least some respects, then it will be particularly interesting to see if more significant differences emerge over the longer term. For the NAfW there would appear to be encouraging evidence here that what may have been a less acceptable short term approach might have had an equally if not more impressive short term impact.

Time will tell whether the concerns raised by Earl et al. For policy makers at Cardiff, however, there would appear to be several messages which should not be overlooked.

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All year one students would undergo a national literacy and numeracy test, under a federal government plan to improve the detection of learning difficulties. Any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages. The Donaldson Report An ataglanceguide Wales.

national numeracy review report dating

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national numeracy review report dating

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national numeracy review report dating

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