Cx8 radio sarandi online dating

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cx8 radio sarandi online dating

Radio Sarandi is a not-for-profit community online and fm raido station on Montevideo, Uruguay. As Radio Sarandi only youth online radio station. R. Currently, only shortwave frequencies are listed for Deewa Radio on the VOA website. Cuba TV skeds online By the way, for you Cuba skip folks, don't In a postcard dated , from Kalman DuBos of TWR CX8 R Sarandi, Montevideo, [] con su acostumbrado noticioso matinal. Main · Videos; Oneplus two review uk dating lebanese dating london · family guy quagmire dating class · cx8 radio sarandi online dating · browse dating.

As of July 1 ERF will cut back its airtime on from This is primarily a cost saving measure. The plain power bill for the transmitter rather than the full transmitter lease is specified asEuro per year. During recent years substantial investments had been made into the transmission facility, including a new NVIS antenna for skywave service in the morning and evening: The new scheme may reflect a minimum usage that must be kept after these big investments.

Personally I wonder if ERF meanwhile regrets its deep involvement into this mediumwave operation. Die Ausgaben fuer Strom bei dem Sender bezifferte Diehl mit jaehrlich rund Bislang sendete ERF Radio taeglich Juli wird ERF Radio nur noch Die Sendungen werden mit Kilowatt Leistung ausgestrahlt und sind dann bundesweit zu empfangen.

cx8 radio sarandi online dating

Die Telekom hat den alten errichteten Sender durch einen auch fuer die digitale Mittelwelle tauglichen Sender ersetzt. Hier die gesamte Pressemitteilung bezueglich der MW.

Tupamaros copan Radio Sarandi (subtitulado)

Wenn ich es richtig herauslese, wollen sie den Sender nur noch morgens und abends mit kW auf der Kreuzdipol-Antenne laufen lassen. Die Hauptsendezeiten am Morgen und am Abend sollen aber beibehalten werden. Tagsueber, wenn die Mittelwelle nur in Regionen um den Sender zu empfangen ist, werde die Leistung eingespart. Die Sendungen werden mit Kilowatt Leistung ausgestrahlt. Damals war ich noch in Neu-Isenburg und Darmstadt zuhause.

Wenn man jetzt die Tagesabstrahlung beendet und Geld spart, ist's nicht schade drum. War doch das Signaelchen immer nur mit bescheidener Staerke rund um den Sender km aufnehmbar, dafuer aber betraechtlich lokal in Mainflingen und Seligenstadt in diversen Fernost made Telefon- und Stereoanlagen und Elektroherden [Detektoreffekt in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft].

Bei der bundesweiten Versorgung abends brachte der Sender aber keine zufriedenstellenden Ergebnisse. Isn't this supposed to be off at this time? SCI and Jak news; back to local studio at with a short vocal selection; dulcimer-like IS atthen ten-minute talk segment. Has been irregular in recent weeks. Last logged here in May On May 19th at UT noted Madagascar on Maybe yesterday a punch-up error at the tx site. Foreign aid by Germany, and transportation logistic done by Radio Nederland relay site.

SWR Rohrdorf was often odd frequency of Hertz minus, like Madagaskira May Presumed with vocal music. Poor and getting poorer.

Madagascar had a rather violent coup d'etat recently. WCB was good friends with the former president. WCB began hearing of problems in December through the ambassador. On January 27th, they found that the rioting had escalated and that their warehouse was attacked at random and destroyed. They got a roadblock to protect the actual building site.

The US Embassy advised that their staff leave the country. They hid equipment and then evacuated the American staff. They left an 11 man security force in-place. An army commander then offered to provide protection as long as WCB would provide food. Work continues at the site; great progress is being made.

They had to reschedule some of the work - especially the electrical work due to the theft of wire. What about the state of the country? The new president is in power and is being supported by the communists who were formerly in power. Things are in a mess.

Tax and customs revenues are down. Education is in a mess. Government funds will probably start running empty by the end of this month. The former president is planning to return with support from other countries. Everyone is hoping for a peaceful return rather than a civil war.

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WCB is trying to keep a low profile and keep doing its business in the meantime. The new president has no religious affiliation; the old president was Presbyterian. It was off at recheck at shortly past Mali, Kati,16 May, Vernacular, Malian music prgr, It did not move to imediately, it took quite a while as typical. Malherbes site on the beautiful island of Mauritius Republic of Mauritius. The system comprises one 10 kW MW transmitter pre-tuned to kHz and kHz carrier frequencies, one mains voltage regulator and one 50 Ohm dummy load.

With its quick carrier frequency tuning capability the TRAM 10 transmitter can operate within minutes on either one of both MW frequencies required at the Malherbes site, adding remarkable redundancy to the existing equipment.

cx8 radio sarandi online dating

The complete project including installation, commissioning and customer training was finished on time and without any difficulties. We're looking forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in future projects. Curepipe Republik of Mauritius Tel.

Vitoria, Lima,15 May, Castilian, Braz. Ausserhalb der Sendezeiten des ungarischen Programms ist das Kulturprogramm Radio Devin aufgeschaltet, das damit erstmals ueberhaupt auf Mittelwelle ausgestrahlt werden duerfte. Vermutlich handelt es sich hierbei um einen technisch bedingten Zufall; fuer die Ausstrahlung auf kHz duerfte derselbe Sendeweg verwendet werden wie fuer vier UKW-Frequenzen, welche die gleiche Programmfolge uebertragen. Deshalb wurde die Mittelwelle kHz kurzfristig wieder mit einem Kleinsender aktiviert, der auf dem Dach des Funkhauses in Bratislava steht.


Hierfuer ist jetzt die Frequenz kHz vorgesehen, die einst im Gleichwellenbetrieb ueber verschiedene Standorte in der Tschechoslowakei lief. Als Konsequenz wurden alle Sender auf kHz bis zum Januar abgeschaltet. Das ist der OM, der nach Spratley Isl. Ich habe mittlerweile mit ihm telefoniert und ihn um Hilfe gebeten. Er weist besonders darauf hin, als Anschrift zu verwenden: Baldur meinte, die haetten noch eine unbenutzte kHz - Frequenz.

I hope that my petition in Hargeisa will be successful. Regards and best 73, de: Dies bitte auch in den diversen BC Magazinen und Newsletter veroeffentlichen.

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This is the result of REE with Port. My local sunrise around UT. During the UT absence of Firedrake, heard weak stations on and kHz, but nothing heard on during the gap. Some of the Firedrakes certainly are no longer 24 hour operations. Uganda, Kampala,16 May, English, talks, but the modulation was dreadful, hard to copy what was being said; I was unable to determine approx. AWR gets reception reports in their Indianapolis office from many countries in Europe.

They have recently seen an increase in listener responses from South America. The fun includes nature walks, plantings, and other projects.

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cx8 radio sarandi online dating

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