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TV Review: FUTURAMA - "Overclockwise"

overclockwise online dating

Overclockwise. TV-PG | 22min | Animation, . Release Date: Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video Unlimited Streaming. Having been produced prior to the show's renewal, “Overclockwise” over- clocks the robot's circuitry and makes him an online-gaming pro. Original air date, September 1, Opening caption, "Soon to be a hit television show". Episode chronology. ← Previous "Cold Warriors", Next → " Reincarnation". Futurama (season 6) · List of Futurama episodes. "Overclockwise " is the twenty-fifth episode of the sixth season of the animated sitcom Futurama, Cubert overclocks Bender to improve his performance in an online.

Leela returns to Fry, still wondering what the future holds for both of them.


Bender reveals that he had written down his prediction of their future, which Fry and Leela silently read together. The contents of the prediction are not shown, but Fry and Leela's reactions indicate that their relationship will have its ups and downs but will ultimately have a happy ending. In Juneas part of its "Countdown to Futurama" event, Comedy Central Insider, Comedy Central's news outlet, released various preview materials for the episode, including storyboards, concept art and a preview video clip of the episode.

On June 7, concept art of the interior of overclocked Bender's head was released.

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Zack Handlen of The A. Club was generally positive towards the episode, noting that it had "a lot of excellent moments" as well as praising that it addressed Fry and Leela's relationship problems.

However, he noted that the episode "doesn't hold together well in retrospect", also writing: This one feels like the latter. He also felt that the plot involving Bender's overclocking was not used to its full potential. While noting that he felt "the episode wasn't quite as good as the sum of its parts", he noted that "for the most part, [he] liked 'Overclockwise'", writing that "there were some good bits throughout", praising the use of Mom in the episode as well as scenes of the episode set in Niagara Falls; he also enjoyed its "sweet, touching" ending.

Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on September 7, Archived from the original on June 15, Retrieved August 25, TV by the Numbers.

overclockwise online dating

Retrieved March 24, Retrieved September 3, Fearing that Cubert will gain the jury's sympathy, Mom drops charges against Cubert while still attempting to sue Farnsworth.

However, Bender declares that by dropping charges against Farnsworth's clone, she is unable to press charges against Farnsworth for the same crime because he and Cubert are technically the same person.

Enraged that she is unable to sue Farnsworth, Mom captures Bender and has him reset to his original programming, returning him to normal. Leela also returns to Fry, who still wonders what the future holds for him and Leela.

overclockwise online dating

Bender reveals that he had written down his prediction of their future, which Fry and Leela silently read together. The two don't reveal to the viewer exactly what the prediction says, but their facial expressions indicate that they will have their ups and downs, and will ultimately have a happy ending. At appearing in court, he may have decreased processing power by not being at the waterfall, or the intimate prediction about Leela and Fry may have capped his processing power, or both, which resulted in him being unable to take extra commands to predict the coming of Mom's robots.

Production "Overclockwise" was originally planned to be the season finale of season 6but it was later moved to the penultimate episode to make " Reincarnation " the finale. As "Reincarnation" is a non- canon segmented episodehowever, "Overclockwise" is seen as the "proper" season finale. The episode was written inbefore the series had been renewed for another seasonand much like " The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings " and Into the Wild Green Yonder"Overclockwise" was written as if it were the last episode ever of Futurama.

As such, Ken Keeler was once again in charge of the writing, making this his third "last episode ever" for the series. Two promotional pictures for the episode were released by Comedy Central Press. Page 70 of the storyboard. A screenshot from the video clip.

overclockwise online dating

The first promotional picture. The second promotional picture.

overclockwise online dating

Reception In its original U. Additional information The episode is among the few one-word titled media.

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It was written as the last episode because the show hadn't been renewed at the time of the writing. This is one of four episodes of broadcast season 8 to be broadcast in production order. This episode marks the first time that Randy Munchnik is referred to by name. This is the first episode written by Ken Keeler in which Ben Beelerwho was named after Keeler, appears. When Cubert modifies Bender's hardware, his reflection can be seen on Bender's bottom plate, showing that Bender does, in fact, have a shiny metal ass.

Allusions The poster of Mom is very similar to that of a classic Farrah Fawcett photo. World War II is often seen as an overused setting for war videogames.

The Game Over screen plays a bit of classical music that gets interrupted by an explosion, which echoes the Game Over screen for the classic arcade game Battlezone. Bender says that he is 12 years out of date, which is a reference to Futurama's run so far, from 12 years.

Overclocking is also a common practice by power users to run computer hardware at speeds higher than the manufacturer's specifications. As noted in the show, in many cases, it can void the warranty, cause damage to the computer if done incorrectly, and make the computer run hotter.