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Rosmersholm by Henrik Ibsen: ACT 1 Rosmersholm (Audible Audio Edition): Henrik Ibsen, John Burlinson, K. G. Cross, Alan Weyman, Presented by the Online Stage Version: Unabridged; Publisher: Spoken Realms; Release Date: August 9, Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mike Poulton has a string of successful translations and File Size: KB; Print Length: pages; Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited; Publication Date: March 24, ; Sold by: . Shop Online.

It becomes plain that she and Rosmer are in love, but he insists throughout the play that their relationship is completely platonic. A highly respected member of his community, Rosmer intends to support the newly elected government and its reformist, if not revolutionary, agenda. However, when he announces this to his friend and brother-in-law Kroll, the local schoolmaster, the latter becomes enraged at what he sees as his friend's betrayal of his ruling-class roots.

Kroll begins to sabotage Rosmer's plans, confronting him about his relationship with Rebecca and denouncing the pair, initially in guarded terms, in the local newspaper. Rosmer becomes consumed by his guilt, now believing he, rather than mental illness, caused his wife's suicide.

He attempts to escape the guilt by erasing the memory of his wife and proposing marriage to Rebecca. But she rejects him outright. Kroll accuses her of using Rosmer as a tool to work her own political agenda. She admits that it was she who drove Mrs. Rosmer to deeper depths of despair and in a way even encouraged her suicide—initially to increase her power over Rosmer, but later because she actually fell in love with him.

Because of her guilty past she cannot accept Rosmer's marriage proposal. This leads to the ultimate breakdown in the play where neither Rosmer nor Rebecca can cast off moral guilt: Her suspicion is harshly confirmed by Kroll when he attempts to come between her and Rosmer; they can now no longer trust each other, or even themselves.

Rosmer then asks Rebecca to prove her devotion to him by committing suicide the same way his former wife did—by jumping into the mill-race. As Rebecca calmly seems to agree, issuing instructions about the recovery of her body from the water, Rosmer says he will join her. He is still in love with her and, since he cannot conceive of a way in which they can live together, they will die together.

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The window is open, and so are the doors into the lobby and the outer door. Through the latter is seen an avenue of old trees leading to a courtyard. It is a summer evening, after sunset. From time to time she peeps out of window through the flowers. Rosmer ought to be in directly. Will you shut up, please? Then she goes to the window, to shut it, and looks out. Yes, it is he.

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Stands behind the window-curtain. Stand on one side. Don't let him catch sight of us. Peeps out between the curtain and the window-frame. He has turned aside. He is coming the other way round to-day too. Comes away from the window. It is a long way round. One can well understand his shrinking from going over that bridge. I am sure you don't believe in such things, either. See--is that not Mr. Rosmer out on the mill path again? Goes to the window. Why, that is Mr. Well, I will go in and get the supper laid, miss.

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Goes out to the right. Darkness is beginning to fall. Mrs Helseth, I am sure you won't mind preparing something extra nice for supper? You know what dishes Mr. Kroll is especially fond of.

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I am so glad to see you! Are you sure I am not disturbing you? How can you say such a thing? Looks round the room. Is John up in his room? He is later than usual of coming in, but he is sure to be back directly. Points to the sofa. Do sit down and wait for him. Sits down and looks about him. How charmingly pretty you have made the old room look!

Rosmer is so fond of having fresh flowers about him. I think their scent has such a delicious effect on one--and till lately we had to deny ourselves that pleasure, you know.