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Software engineering's contribution to earthquake engineering

ondas sismicas yahoo dating

Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] . The following characteristics were considered when analysing them: release date, country of origin, . Fundamentos de Ingeniería sísmica, Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica. Internet Site for: "Terremotos y ondas símicas: Una breve introducción". Main · Videos; Brainiacs com dating events in atlanta · online dating interests examples · sintomas de presion alta yahoo dating · onda sismica yahoo dating. Seis estaciones de banda ancha de la red sísmica NARS-Baja (NE75, NE76, NE77 espectral de las ondas SH, se determinó: (i) las dimensión de la fuente, .. Date (YMD) .. *Corresponding author: [email protected]

When evaluating patients with patellofemoral instability, it is important to recognize patella alta as a potential aggravating factor.

Tambien examino las posiciones de los docentes ante asuntos publicos relacionados a la ciencia. Para propositos de este estudio se diseno y se valido el cuestionario con el cual se obtuvieron los resultados.

ondas sismicas yahoo dating

La investigacion es de tipo cuantitativa y se utilizo como diseno la encuesta. El cuestionario se administro en varias actividades de desarrollo profesional para maestros de ciencia.

ondas sismicas yahoo dating

Un total de 78 maestros del nivel secundario respondieron el cuestionario. Para analizar los datos obtenidos se utilizaron estadisticas descriptivas como la distribucion de frecuencia y el porciento. Ademas se establecieron codigos y categorias para describir las posiciones de los maestros ante asuntos publicos relacionados a la ciencia. Los analisis demostraron que entre los docentes participantes de este estudio prevalecen ciertas concepciones epistemologicas adecuadas acerca de las ciencias naturales, a la luz de la literatura consultada.

Entre estas concepciones se destacan las siguientes: The Seismic Observation Network covers the set of seismic recording instruments seismographs and accelerographs available in a particular area for analysing local or regional seismicity. Damage to property and economic loss also increase in the event of an earthquake due to an increasing population, urbanisation and industrialisation being closer to areas of high seismic risk and the increasing cost of real estate.

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This is why the origin of earthquakes and their patterns should be studied to provide better understanding of their effects and, whenever possible, reduce consequent damage and economic loss. Earthquakes are studied by seismic engineering to mitigate the damage they produce by designing, constructing and managing earthquake-resistant structures.

Software for earthquake study According to statistics, 11, earthquakes occurred in Mexico between 1st January and May 3rd ; 2, of them occurred in3, in4, in and 1, such events occurred in It seems that values have increased but in fact what has increased is the ability to detect them [11]. This has resulted from more equipment gradually and Figure1: Seismic regions and volcanic areas in Mexico [5] constantly becoming integrated into seismic monitoring different networks.

Such increase in information has enabled understanding different soil types, their behaviour during earthquakes and the effects occurring in them, as well as how they affect the society living on top of them. Not surprisingly, as in many other areas of human performance, computer equipment has been used as support for processing large volumes of data thereby enabling seismic event to be processed quickly and effectively for producing useful information. So that specific software can be used for earthquake analysis, functions must be able to do repetitive tasks quickly and resolve common problems for people managing such data.

The main computer applications for seismic data processing were examined, i. The following characteristics were considered when analysing them: After 20 years, production slowed due to the increasing complexity of user requirements, because complete systems were being demanded which had to incorporate new components such as sophisticated graphical interfaces, compatibility between different file systems and the inclusion of data in several media with their corresponding interfaces.

Ondas sismicas yahoo dating

America produced 14 and Europe 8distributed as follows: A graphical representation of software production is presented in Figure 3. By type of access Some applications are free software, being extensively used in the academic institutions which created them; those which were created for commercial purposes obviously require a licence to be able to use such software legally.

Information was requested from the companies which created them in the case of licensed software; some provided technical data and product prices, whereas others only provided information if there were real interest in acquiring a product i.

Information obtained about licensed software is given below; it includes country of origin, name of product and cost in By type of code Special mention should be made about open source applications which provide access to source codes so that users know details about their operation and can modify them according to their requirements Earthworm and STK do not require any monetary contribution whereas other open source ones do such as Promax, Seispace and Seisplus.

ondas sismicas yahoo dating

Summarising, many European countries develop software for seismic analysis but the US is the leader in this area in America because it has largest number of software applications.

It is clear that all the aforementioned applications considered personal computers because technological advances have increased their processing power, storage, portability and communications obviously, encouraging more new users. When considering an operating system it can be observed that as most applications use personal computers, then PCs predominate regarding different types of operating system Table 3.

The RedHat version for Linux is included. Different versions of Windows have been included i. Win32, 98,Millennium, XP, Vista and version 7. By implementation language Another evaluation parameter considered was that related to programming language used for creating analysis applications. Regarding C language, it was found that some applications were complemented with functions or libraries created in some other language or tool, like FORTRAN for reusing previous codes and Oracle.

ondas sismicas yahoo dating

However, the kind of application where it was almost impossible to get information about programming language used in development is considered in the last category.